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04/09/19- Rav Hool received the following voicemail message from a talmid chochom and high school rebbe who had a remote procedure three and a half weeks prior- for himself and his wife: This is the exact wording of his message:

"Good afternoon Rabbi Hool- I have three words to say to you "kol hakavod mamash!"- I've waited 'till today to see if all the things I wanted to happen- and my wife wanted to happen- have happened and I'm telling you- they all happened- up and until (including) yesterday. For a long, long time, we've waited for a lot of things to happen, but now they have all happened and therefore I wanted to say a 'gevaldigeh y'shekoach' ...we are really grateful to you! We're carrying on with the kabolos and carrying on with the pessukim and life is a very different situation! Thank you very, very much indeed! kol tuv... bye bye."

On a follow up call the client described numerous yeshuos, for example his wife was walking so much better immediately after the procedure, for the first time she had no digestive issues on holiday, and many other problems were sorted that had been ongoing for many months. Baruch Hashem!

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Ayin Horah:

Ayin horah is mentioned numerous times in talmudic texts.

There is a difference of opinion as to how much we should be concerned about it (see below) 

It can affect anyone with devastating results.

It can have a negative effect on the physical wellbeing of a person or even their financial or social or mental state.

According to the Ba'al Shem Tov- facial/skin blemishes are caused by Ayin horah!

According to Rav (Bava Metziah 107b) ninety nine out of a hundred people who die, have died from ayin horah. According to Rashi, (bava Metziah 107b) Rav is of the opinion that all illnesses are caused by ayin horah!

The Shulchan Aruch gives the reason for not calling up two brothers consecutively to the Torah- because of ayin horah. (O"H' 141' 66') 

The removal of ayin horah can allow medical treatment to be successful, or to be avoided altogether. Removal can dissolve the barriers that prevent success in any area of life.

We can (usually) only know for sure how ayin horah is affecting someone after identifying it during the procedure of removal and then witnessing substantial positive changes in their life.

Often however, during the procedure of removing ayin horah (pouring the lead- see 'Treatment' at top of main page) we can identify what part of the body the ayin horah is affecting. For example, whilst treating a woman (she was not even present during the procedure) who requested the procedure because she was waiting years for a shidduch, we identified from the 'lead procedure' that she was suffering from lower-back pain that was affecting her ability to walk,- that she subsequently confirmed to be true. (see 'Success Stories' tab on main menu bar, and "Precise Analyses" tab for more recent examples).

Sheva Tiheyenoh, does not ever attempt to predict the future from the lead - only to reveal how ayin horah may be currently affecting a person!

Sheva Tiheyenoh has -with 'siyyatah dishmayah'- successfully identified and/or treated problems with shoulders, legs, arms, teeth, female hair loss, mental issues, shidduchim, migraines, parnossah, -even someone who claimed they were 'possessed' by a foreign 'spirit', among other things, as well as people who claimed they were simply pursued by 'bad luck'.  

In the experience of Sheva Tiheyenoh, there has been almost no one who was treated by the procedure- who didn't show clear signs that they had ayin horah...

 How concerned should we be about Ayin Horah?

There seems to be a machlokes (argument) amongst gedolei Yisroel about how concerned we should be about ayin horah:

  Rav Moshe Feinstein ztz''l (Even Ha'ezer 3' 26) writes that one need not be overly concerned with ayin horah as it affects people more -the more they worry about it.

 Rav Eliezer Papoe ztz''l (the Peleh Yoetz who is quoted regarding other inyonim by the Chofetz Chaim ztz''l in Mishnah Brurah) however writes (in siman 'ayin horah') that 'everyone should be indeed concerned about ayin horah and to take precautions against ayin horah is begeder ''Venishmartem Lenafshosechem"!!'

Rav Aron Leib Steinman ztz'l writes- concerning the rumor that the Chazon Ish ztz'l said there was no ayin horah in Bnei Brak, that "How can this be - we see most of the tzoros of people nowadays is from ayin horah!" (He explains the Chazon Ish ztz'l must have referred only to that time when the great tzaddikim who lived there protected Bnei Brak) 

Hagaon Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher ztz''l sent hundreds of people to have the 'lead pouring procedure', and Hagaon Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapirah ztz''l also sent people for the procedure. (see 'Treatment' page)