75), 76), 77) 08/04/20 -All three patients with coronavirus (one was intubated) have B'H' improved since procedure.

78) 24/4/20 - On the phone Rav Hool is told "Yesterday (a day after procedure) was the first day in a very long time she woke up without headaches. Also this morning- only a bit of a headache..."

79) 24/4/20- Email received from client "Yes BH there has been improvement."

80) 25/04/20 -Email received: "I feel so grateful that we met you and we are actually both feeling lighter since the treatment! Ok I will definitely watch the shiur below and let you know what I think! I’m excited :)"

81) 25/04/20 -Email received "I have a tremendous amount of energy since you cleared the ayin hara. I have been davening with much more kavanah, learning more, and guarding my eyes, speech and thinking more carefully!"

82) 30/04/20 - Emailed received from client who Rav Hool saw in the lead had Coronavirus. "B"H, I'm off the oxygen for 2 days already. Hope to leave the Rehab before Shabbos to go home IY"H." In subsequent email he writes he came off the oxygen 12 hours after procedure after 26 days on oxygen!

83) 11/5/20- Emailed received from client: "Had to tell you it’s working. I’m going to keep seeing what’s going on before I write a follow up. But needed to already say thank you. Needed you to know."

84) 20/05/20- Emailed received from client:"The rashes went away. You may recall I was diagnosed with dle, a form of lupus which is essentially an allergy to sunlight. Following the last procedure and regular application of medicine, the rashes went as did the sun. Am now in the sunshine without sunblock and the rashes haven't come back yet. I was also in a motorcycle accident in February and got very lucky. A car hit me side on and knocked me off. Bli ayin horah I walked away without a single broken bone. (Still get flashbacks)."

85) 20/05/20- Email received from client: "Hi, Things are much better bH..."

86) 25/05/20- "Client feeling better after procedure." (relayed by phone) He suffered from kidney stones.

87) 25/05/20 Doctors had given up hope on client. A new doctor was found since procedure and performed (so far) successfull brain surgery B'H'.

88) 01/06/20 - Phone call received telling us there was big improvement in the medical issue since procedure 3 months ago, and they wish to do another procedure to make sure 'things keep going in the right direction'.

89) 09/06/20- Email received from someone who was recommended to by a previous client who had a string of issues: "She said her daughter got a shidduch suggestion right after. And her daughters parnassah got better right away."

90) 09/06/20- On phone call Rav Hool is told "Things are going better...business is getting better" When asked about his anxiety he replies "well.... when things go better the anxiety also goes better!"

91) 18/06/20- Email received 2 days after procedure after identifying problems with both legs: "left foot/leg maybe also right left leg and right knee.- Both are now much better."

92) 18/06/20- Client on phone tells Rav Hool he is already feeling better immediately after procedure.

93) 28/06/20- Email received from client 10 days after procedure after many months of problems: "HI B"H DOING BETTER THANK YOU"

94) 30/06/20- Email received from client: "Shalom R' Daniel, Firstly, I wanted to let you know that B"H my father has a refuah shelima. IY"H by kol choilay Yisrael."

95) 01/07/20 -Emails received from client who had procedure 2 months prior for parnossoh (and sleep issues). Rav Hool sends email: "So would you say a success from the procedure?" His reply: "Yes".

96) 12/07/20 - Email received from client less than two weeks after procedure: "My energy levels have been very good, except on the fast day - but even that was better than my usual. That is the thing I have noticed the most, and it is also what I needed most. The first thing I noticed, however, was that there is no pain any more in my right shoulder when I sleep on it. I think some of the feelings of being overwhelmed, including the jaw clenching, are slowly getting better because with the energy increase I'm getting so much more done. They are not gone, but are getting better."

97) 22/07/20- Rav Hool receives email from client reporting that soon after ayin horah procedure (in which Rav Hool correctly identified problem with 'internal around navel -left side') she had a "medical miracle". She writes in her email: "Yes he removed it with a procedure which is unheard of....My (medical) procedure was a miracle in itself. The dr said he’s never seen anything like it -unheard of.... he told me 'mazel tov' quite a few times . He thought I’d need surgery" Boruch Hashem!!

98) - 07/8/20- Email received from client: "My mind is in better shape than before. Thank you Hashem. Thank you rabbi."

99)- 14/8/20- Rav Hool received phone call from client who's mother was hospitalised and in a terrible mental state "My mother definately feels more positive since the procedure- and that's the main thing! We have someone call her everyday and say the pessukim with her. We are sending you earth from Pressburgh for the kamayoh..."

100) 14/8/20 Rav Hool receives email a week after procedure: " ......B'H' doing amazingly well!! They are overwhelmed by her progress and she is gaining weight every day with a smile! B'H' I absolutely believe these special prayers, and your support have been a huge part of her progress and we will always be greatful to you for that."