A few weeks ago Rav Hool did the procedure for a frum  bearded talmid chochom in London. The following lead figure came out. It looks like a briss! Based on this Rav Hool asked the man- "Is there anyone in your family who is expecting?" -He responded that his daughter was due to give birth in three weeks IYH. Rav Hool told him "I think she's having a boy".

We were just told she gave birth to a baby boy B'Hashem! So it seems the figure from the lead was a sign that there was a boy in the womb. 

People often ask what we can see in the lead after it congeals in the water. It cannot be stressed ENOUGH - Rav Hool does not attempt to 'read' the future from the lead, he simply uses the lead to reveal the present!

'Reading' the lead is not just an impressive 'party trick'! By identifying the physical ailments of the client remotely from thousands of miles away- it gives the client confidence that Rav Hool is indeed treating the specific client, even if he has a simple name like Reuven ben Leah, (and there may be hundreds of Reuven ben Leah's alive).

So, If there is any ayin horah- Rav Hool should be able to detect it BS'D. If the ayin horah is physically affecting a part of the body, then he should be able to detect which part of the body is affected by ayin horah BS'D.

(There may be other ailments in the body not caused by ayin horah, and those may not be detected by the lead.- However according to 'Rav' in B'K' 107b -absolutely ALL physical ailments are caused by ayin horah, (Shmuel argues with this) and after doing hundreds of procedures- it seems that all physical aiments do indeed show in the lead!).

The following are hundreds (!) of recent examples demonstrating how -with siyyatah dishmayah- Rav Hool is able to 'read' the lead.

Please note that as we have shown over 200 (!!) cases where Rav Hool has read the lead accurately, the facts are proven and we are no longer adding/updating more examples of accurate reading of the lead.

From no 12) onwards- many (51 cases until 03/9/20) of the remote procedures presented here are 'copied and pasted' emails sent to and from the client by Rav Hool immediately after the procedure and are independently verified as genuine by an independant law firm!

Please note the page "Correct Readings Page" mentioned in the document above- has since been renamed the "Precise Analyses" page.

 2) 3/1/19- A woman told Rav Hool she came for the procedure for 'health problems'- After seeing the lead Rav Hool told her "you have stomach intestinal problems'' - "Absolutely correct!'' was her response.

3) 24/1/19-  After pouring the lead Rav Hool asked a man "Do you have problems with your left hand?" The man then confirmed he had broken it ten years before and still suffers from it.

4) 24/1/19- After pouring the lead Rav Hool asked a man- ''Do you have problems sleeping?" An enthusiastic ''YES!'' was the response! (see 'Success Stories' tab -bottom of page date 06/02/19 to see what happened!) 

5) 25/1/19-  After pouring the lead Rav Hool asked a man "do you have problems with your teeth on the right side?'' -He responded 'absolutely!',- and it had been bothering him in the last few days. Rav Hool then told him "You also have lower back pain stretching from the base of your spine down to your left leg''. The man responded "I have a slipped disk in my spine that has touched the sciatic nerve and causes me pain down my left leg!"

6) 29/1/19- Rav Hool did the procedure in Yerusholayim for a man who was in New York. Afterwards on the phone he told the man "Do you have a problem with your head-/forehead?'' The man responded that was the number one reason he had ordered the procedure! He has a problem 'focusing using the frontal lobe of the brain'! Rav Hool then said to him "Do you have swollen glands in the back of your jaw?" he confirmed that he had swollen glands for the last two days....

7) 31/01/19- Rav Hool did the procedure for someone remotely and then asked him by phone "does your throat hurt you?" The man confirmed the only thing that hurts him is his throat.

8) 03/02/19- Rav Hool did a remote procedure for a woman and her husband. He emailed her after the procedure "from the lead it seems he (her husband) has a sore throat, and/or some problem with the left side of his face i.e. teeth problem on the left side,.... seems you have a blockage in your nose/runny nose/cold''

The reply by email was: "yes (he) had a lot of dental treatment on his left side recently..and I woke up with a slight blocked nose..''

9) 04/02/19- Rav Hool did a remote procedure for a man in New York, and asked him "Do you have pain in the back of your head, stomach problems and a sore throat?'' the man replied he had exactly only those three problems during the day.

10) 05/02/19- Rav Hool did the remote procedure for a woman and her son in New York. He emailed them that he saw in the lead that the mother had a problem with her neck, and the son had a problem with the front of his face-maybe a tooth problem. The reply was that the mother indeed has a neck problem caused by whiplash and the son had received a hit on his nose earlier in the week that still gave him pain.

11) 06/02/19- Procedure done remotely for a woman in U.S. Rav Hool emails he sees in the lead she has 'discomfort on upper back'- Her son confirmed that she currently has stitches in her back that are causing pain.

12) 07/02/19- Rav Hool emails after remote procedure: "Do you have an issue with your left leg past the knee (downwards towards the foot)? Also do you have a sore throat, or had one recently?" Man responds: " Yes wow!! I had an injury on my left foot last year. But think it has mostly healed went for an MRI on foot. Also, yes did have a very sore throat!!''

13) 07/02/19- Rav Hool emails after remote procedure: "Do you have a sore throat or some tooth problems at the moment? Do you have an issue with your right shoulder?" Response is "I always have a sore throat and the last couple weeks my right shoulder and neck have been really hurting. I will keep you posted!''

14) 07/02/19- Rav Hool emails client after remote procedure "Do you have an issue with your left hand? Back pain between your shoulder blades-towards the right? Also lower back pain also to the right?....As per your wife.....Also plenty of ayin horah...does she have an issue with her right hand? lower back pain towards the right? And stomach pain/discomfort?''-

Man responds: "I’ve had chronic lower back pain on and off for years. And left hand has also been bothering me for a long time! Amazing! As for my wife ....she’s recently been complaining of a lot of stomach cramps! No hand problems B”H but chronic knee pain for years.''

15) 07/02/19- Procedure done for girl remotely, email sent-''She seems physically fine other than suffering from extreme stomach pain/cramps!'' Response by email: "Wow. (she) suffers from constipation..." -

16) 07/02/19- Procedure done remotely for child- email sent "He seems to have an issue with lower back, backside -or not standing straight at the moment. Also signs of a stomach upset recently..''

Email response: ''(he) is having issues with toilet training..!''

17) 11/02/19- Shevatiheyenoh sends woman email after remote procedure: "Ok so you had plenty of ayin horah, however your kaboloh was very strong so we had S'Dishamaya in dealing with it... The lead tells me you have an issue with your left shoulder. You also have pain in your neck, your have an issue with your left foot and signs of recent stomach problems.. Is this true?''

The woman responds on the phone- she fractured her left foot 10 days ago and has been suffering from extreme stomach pains recently. She says she has no shoulder/neck issue though. Rav Hool checks the lead again and tells her "Do you have pain in your teeth left side?" She then confirms that she does indeed! Rav Hool says "So it wasn't the shoulder I was seeing -it was toothache on the left side...''

18) 12/02/19- Rav Hool tells man after remote procedure, ''I see issues with teeth right side, left leg and intestines- area -lower back. Man confirms he's recovering from extensive treatment on tooth right side, and suffering from hemorrhoids.

19) 13/02/19- A man tells Rav Hool he does not suffer from any physical ailments before the procedure. After the procedure Rav Hool asks him "Do you suffer from headaches?" He responds "Actually, YES I do!!!"

20) 13/02/19- Rav Hool tells a man after procedure he suffers from pain in the back between the shoulder blades and also pain on the right of his chest towards shoulder. He then confirms this to be true.

21) 15/02/19- procedure done remotely for man in Los Angeles, Rav Hool tells him ''You have a neck problem and teeth problem on right.'' He confirms both.

22) 15/02/19- Rav Hool emails woman in Europe after procedure: "Do you have pain at the base/rear of your head top of your neck? Stiff neck?- Maybe it's a bit lower down between shoulder blades? Have you also had a sore throat recently? Have you had stomach problems recently?... and less of an issue- do you have an issue with right leg above the knee?''


She replies: 

''Wow!! Terrible stiff neck /shoulders/ neck, which goes down to shoulder blades, very painful. No sore throat. Stomach seems ok, interesting about right leg above the knee as I have a scar.''


23) 15/02/19- Procedure done remotely for someone who doesn't know it's being done for him: Rav Hool emails: "Does he have an issue with his teeth right side? Has he had a sore throat recently? Is he suffering from any stomach issues at the moment? and Is there an issue with part of his left leg?''

Mother replies: "He had a sore throat last week, stomach issues and teeth I don’t know about. Left leg he’s had 2 ligaments operations on his left knee from a ski fall when he was 13, therefore that leg is weak."


24) 18/02/19- After remote procedure Rav Hool asks client if they have tooth pain on right, when they say 'no'- Rav Hool then asks if they've had a serious runny nose and sore throat- which is confirmed by client as a 'nasal drip' and severe sore throat. Also correctly identified is lower stomach issue, and lower back issue towards left.


25) 19/02/19- Rav Hool identifies 'issue/pain with the back of the head' by remote procedure- Confirmed as the client had staples/stitches today on back of head. Also identified a teeth issue- confirmed he had painful trip to the dentist today as well!


26)  21/02/19- Remote procedure done for woman and daughter. Rav Hool asks mother about ''headaches (back of head) stomach issue, and right side of face- issues'' -all confirmed. Concerning the daughter- Rav Hool asks about a ''cold and stomach issue/pain'' -also confirmed. Husband says 'It's amazing!'

27) 05/03/19- Rav Hool asks man in N' York if he has ''lower back pain, and issue with head towards back on the right.'' Man confirms all.

28) 05/03/19- Procedure done for a woman without her knowledge. Rav Hool asks her mother if she has a 'sore throat, lower back pain and stomach issues.'' Mother confirms all to be absolutely correct.

29) 05/03/19- Rav Hool asks man if he suffers from an 'issue in his right shoulder.' Man confirms he has a pinched nerve above right shoulder causing chronic pain all way down right arm.

30) 08/03/19- Procedure done remotely for woman in Los Angeles. Rav Hool ask her if she has suffers from ''anxiety, an issue with back of her head, a stiff neck, lower back pain, has she had a chest infection recently and an issue with her left foot?''

Woman says she suffers from anxiety, scoriasis on back of head, currently has a stiff neck, she had a serious chest infection two months ago, she suffers from back pain and she broke her left foot 20 years ago that has never properly healed. "She then says "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!"

31) 10/03/19- Procedure done for man in Yerusholayim. Rav Hool asks him if he suffers from issue with left shoulder, anxiety, stomach problems and lower back pain. Man confirms everything except the shoulder. Rav Hool meets him in shull 5 days later and asks, ''instead of the shoulder issue- was there a family member you were worried or stressed about when I did the procedure?- Man replies there was indeed a relative who was very ill and he was very concerned about and he has just returned from his levayoh in chutz le Aretz r'l'. 

32) 14/-03/19- Procedure done for female. Rav Hool says "head issue around nose height and possible headaches and right shoulder issue or stress from a close family member"- client confirms right shoulder but says besides anxiety and a right hand issue there is absolutely nothing else. Rav Hool then asks nevertheless to check if she has a sore throat instead of head issues. Indeed, very sore throat confirmed!

33) 19/03/19- Two people done remotely in USA. The first, Rav Hool tells him: "The lead shows me lower back pain (towards left), groin area issue, a weak/stiff neck and maybe an issue with teeth on the right." He confirmed absolutely lower back, he has an enlarged prostate (groin area), a stiff neck at the moment, and just had a tooth removed on left (not right). He also has knee pain that Rav Hool didn't see. However the second person Rav Hool told him- lower intestines, groin area and maybe an issue with teeth on the right. Also slight indication of a problem with left arm.- he had none of the above-. This shows that some people have ayin horah-that is just not affecting body parts, but other areas of life. However it is impossible for Rav Hool to simply 'guess' the physical ailments of the first client!

34) 21/03/19- the following is copied and pasted- the exact email sent by Rav Hool and the emailed response for remote procedures in N'York: ''Hi, So it took me about an hour and a half for all of them: The lead shows me certain physical things. If they do not have any issues in the following areas- they still had plenty of ayin horah -it is just affecting other areas of their life. Yeshoshua - Issue with left shoulder. Some issue with his spine- what could that be?. lower back pain and possibly a sore throat recently. Moshe- Issue with back of head/stiff neck. Stomach issue on right and chest on right. Avrohom- He had the least ayin horah and I only (saw) stomach issue, does he suffer from headaches? and maybe a cold recently? let me know if any of this rings true...''

Response: ''Thank you. A Frailachen Purim. I was in shul. Avrohom does have digestive issues and does suffer from migraines and did have headache this week. Yehoshua most definitely has issues with spine. Been working on it since he is a teenager. Moshe did have a stiff neck today. Could be stomach and chest you are see on right side is liver not stomach as that is where liver is located. Did you pick up on visual issues or since you are working with Ayin Horah it’s difficult to differentiate? Kol tuv.''

35) Shabbos 23/03/19- A man tells Rav Hool- "Remember you did the procedure and told me I have an issue with my left foot and I told you I have no issue at all! Well a few days later I had an accident and almost broke my left foot!" 

So it seems either the 'left foot-ayin horah' was detected but not destroyed, or indeed it was destroyed and that's why he didn't actually break his left foot! - This has happened a number times in the last few weeks- also with a 'right hand' and 'skin problems'- where almost immediately after the procedure, the client had an issue with those areas, but were B'H' 'luckily' saved from serious injury.

36) 31/3/19- After remote procedure- Rav hool asks "Did you have a cold recently, issue with intestines above naval, back issue high up between shoulder blades?"- All three confirmed 100% by client.

37) 31/3/19- Rav Hool asks client "Does she have an issue with teeth on right and issue with left of the base of her spine?"  Husband confirms she has complained today about toothache on right, and she has had pain in back -in that exact place -left of base of spine- for years...

38) 31/3/19- Rav Hool asks "Issue with right arm or right side torso elbow height, and issue with back of head?" Reply - 3 yr old child- Back of head confirmed and he broke his right arm recently.... 

39) 31/3/19- Lead reveals influenza and stomach issues during remote procedure- both confirmed by client.

40) 01/04/19- Lead reveals lower back pain, upper back pain, a cold and intestines issue- all confirmed by client.

41) 01/04/19- Lead reveals sore throat and specifically pain in lower back- right side, in remote procedure- confirmed by client.

42) 04/04/19- Lead reveals runny nose, and intestinal problems- client confirms that's the reason for the procedure- nasal drip and intestinal worms.

43) 07/04/19- The following is copied and pasted from email to and from client in Los Angeles: "The lead shows me you have issues with: lower back pain, issue with neck right side (collar bone height), issue with teeth/jaw on left, internal issue left upper torso, also internal lower torso, and do you suffer from headaches? none of this has to be serious and could even be recent indigestion!''

Woman replies by email: "Everything is true. Everything."-

She explains on the phone that headaches and right of neck by collarbone and teeth left side are only recent.

44) 09/04/19- Remote procedure done for woman in Switzerland- Rav Hool identifies lower back pain, upper back pain between shoulder blades, stiff neck, blemish right side of face and runny nose, and upper chest internal issue. Everything confirmed besides upper chest internal. 

45) 11/04/19- Client claims before procedure she has no physical ailments at all, Rav Hool then asks her if she has a throat issue, a stiff neck, lower intestines issue and left leg issue. She then confirms everything besides left leg!

46) 11/04/19- Stiff neck, lower back pain, recent headache all identified by remote procedure for client in London.

47) 21/5/19- Rav Hool emails: Are you suffering from extreme anxiety at the moment? Do you have an issue with right jaw towards back -maybe teeth? Also right side face towards front- could even be something small like an annoying pimple or zit! Do you have an issue/ pain base of spine towards left side? Are you having indigestion problems recently?

Client replies:

"Wow wow. It’s all mamash spot on. Yes on anxiety, I have lock jaw, right side pimple unexplained. I have left base sciatica and terrible IBS at the moment...."

48) 21/06/19- We send email to client: "What showed up was lower back pain/issue, left shoulder/neck or stiff neck left side -or both!, - teeth both left and right sides, and headaches around eye height i.e. headaches affecting the eyes.... Any of this true? (you told me about teeth and headaches)-

Response: "Yes! Lower back pain issue occasionally. She has shoulder/stiff neck! And teeth like i told you. And yes headaches that affect the eye!! I didn't tell you that its around her eyes!! Amazing!''

49) 23/06/19- Client comes to Yerusholayim for procedure- recent chest infection and lower back/shoulder pain identified''

50) 25/06/19- Injury to right elbow, intestinal problems, stiff neck, all correctly identified by client who said before procedure he 'currently has no physical ailments'!

51) 03/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: ''right jaw/teeth issue/pain? lower intestines naval height? and possibly hemerhoids?''

He replies by phone "you couldn't have been more accurate.....'lower intestines naval height'- "I have it and don't know what it is and will see the doctor soon".... other things also confirmed!

52) 04/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: "Upper back left side, both jaws/teeth? lots of mental anguish."

Email reply: ''So ......... only has backpain when someone touches his back he’s very fragile by his back, as far as his teeth he missing his teeth on the both jaws top jaw 4 front teeth missing and yes a lot of mental problems/anguish/anxiety (although Rav Hool was told beforehand about mental issue).''

53) 05/07/19- Rav Hool emails: "Is the vision affected in your right eye mostly? Do you have an issue with right shoulder? Chest area internal right side? maybe also a stiff neck?"

Reply: ''Right eye almost totally blocked left eye about half ok. Heart attack a few years ago with stent. headaches and stiff neck. Thanks!!!''

54) 05/07/19-  Rav Hool emails: "Do you suffer from headaches/stiff neck? teeth left side or issue with left side of face/jaw? Do you have an issue with left shoulder? internal stomach area? also internal below naval?"

Reply: ''My left ear has been stuffed up since February. It's been causing me to be dizzy and I have had to take medicine to control the dizziness..... I also have a lot of trouble with acid reflux and indigestion. Some headaches and some stiffness in my neck.''

55) 07/07/19- Rav Hool emails: ''Please find out if she currently has an issue with her neck, both right and left shoulders, throat, right jaw/teeth, back and internal below naval. Also mental anguish/depression.''

Reply: ''She certainly has mental anguish/depression and two of the other issues you mention. (he doesn't know about the other issues) NB: Rav Hool was told beforehand about 'mental problems''...

56) 08/07/19- Rav Hool emails: "Do you have an issue with your right shoulder, internal stomach, chest internal right side, lower back internal, and very prominent- an issue with left side of face- could be jaw or teeth or external...?''

email reply: ''probably something with all of the above am quite old but nothing that bothers me a lot I had a heart valve inserted about 5 weeks ago so still don't feel all well''

57) 08/07/19- Rav Hool Emails Client (copied and pasted from emails) "Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have an issue with right shoulder, chest internal, right jaw, stiff /weak neck especially left side? An issue with forehead (could be the headaches)?"

Email reply: "I do have slight headaches I do have a problem with my right shoulder I have an issue with congestion I cough and have a salty saliva I have to clear my throat a lot.... it’s very annoying it also causes me to snore and lack of sleep and yes my neck feels weak.."

58) 12/07/19- Rav Hool emails after procedure: ''Have you got an issue with teeth right side or right side of face/jaw? Do you have an issue left side of body around elbow height-could even be elbow or arm? Do you have a weak/stiff neck at the moment? Do you have an internal issue towards right side- cramps/or pain there?''

Email response 1 week later: ''I do have a diabetes patch on my left arm above my elbow. I did have a momentary stiff neck in the car last thursday. I did have pain on my left side and is just diminishing. I've had pain on my left foot and leg since I spoke with you-I think it's arthritis.''

59) 16/07/19- Left side of neck issue going down to left shoulder correctly identified in client.

60) 16/07/19- headaches -back of head, identified (Rav Hool was told just 'headaches'), also teeth right side and right arm issue correctly identified. (remote procedure).

61) 16/07/19- Procedure done remotely for a world- renowned Rosh Yeshivah and godol B'Torah. Rav Hool asks "Does the Rosh yeshivah have pain issue/neck/ left side? Stiff neck? Does he have anxiety at the moment -more than usual, Lower back pain? Also showing up- maybe an issue with both hands, and lower intestines internal?''

The Rosh Yeshivah himself confirms neck left side, confirms the recent anxiety, confirms the lower back pain, confirms left hand, and a close relative subsequently confirms lower intestines internal. 

62) 17/07/19- Remote procedure- emails copied and pasted: "Hi, Does your wife suffer from headaches? issue with left jaw/teeth? Left shoulder and left arm?''

Reply: ''Headaches sometimes yes, Left Jaw I don’t think so- Teeth Yes, Left Shoulder and Arm Yes''

63) 17/7/19- A woman comes for procedure and tells Rav Hool just that she has terrible problems with her sinuses before the procedure.

Rav hool does her procedure and then tells her: ''It's much worse on your right side than the left- correct?'' She says "Absolutely!'' He then tells her she has a "problem with her left arm"- She says ''Absolutely!'' He then tells her ''she has internal problem/indigestion chest left side'' -she says ''Absolutely!'' He then tells her ''she has lower back pain right side'' she says ''Absolutely- you have been a hundred percent right in everything!''.

64) 18/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: "Ok - do you have a stiff neck/shoulder at the moment- especially left side? Do you suffer from headaches (back of the head)? an issue with left jaw/teeth? issue lower intestines internal middle of torso (could be indigestion!)? Oh and also left arm?"

Reply: "I do have a stiff neck/shoulder and trouble on my left side b"h no back of head issues b"h no left side jaw issues indigestion or bad/sensitive stomach, yes. Yes, I definitely have left-arm issues"

65) 22/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: Hi, Do you have issue/discomfort with: left jaw/teeth? left shoulder/neck? lower back right side or arm elbow height? Also top of right arm or right side chest internal/external?

reply: Yes with teeth and yes with mostly all,

can you be more specific?

Reply: left jaw/teeth? YES left shoulder/neck? YES lower back right side or arm elbow height? YES Also top of right arm or right side chest internal/external? NO

66) 23/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: Do you have an issue/pain with: Neck right side? teeth/jaw right? throat? both hips especially right? (first time Rav Hool has seen ayin horah on hips)

Reply: Neck both sides, hips very bad, Tooth right side- yes. Thanks for everything.

67) 23/07/19- Recent pneumonia center right of chest, and lower back issue right side- correctly identified from the lead (client present).   

68) 24/07/19- Rav Hool emails client: ''Chest internal right. Lower internal right. Mouth/nose towards right. Left shoulder."

Reply: "....has a certain issue in upper chest on the right side, bH nothing serious. Lower internal right side bH no issues. Mouth/nose area on right side.... has had a certain issue right in that area that comes back every once in a while. left shoulder no issues bH."

69) 25/07/19- We email client: ''Hi, Do you have the following physical issues/pain? Right shoulder middle of back slightly higher than elbows? Teeth /jaw left? Lower torso internal? Let me know!''

Reply: ''My right shoulder is slightly lower than left . Dont know about the other 2 . Lower torso internal is a bit stressed ...''

70) 26/07/19- Email sent: ''Hi, Do you have any issues internal chest right? left jaw/teeth? Internal lower left and middle?

Reply: Nothing for my teeth, but I've had right side pain and some stomach issues (technically internal).

71) 26/07/19- email sent: "Hi do you have any issues left jaw/teeth? Also any issues at all -torso internal heart height and also lower?''

Reply: "No teeth issues... Stomach big time issues"

72) 31/07/19-   email sent: "Ok do you have any issues in the following areas? Headaches (especially left side) left arm/shoulder, chest right side, groin area middle/left (could also be hemorrhoids)

Reply: 1) occasionally, 2) occasionally, 3) no, 3) yes.... Amazing.

73) 31/07/19- email sent: "Ok- do you have any issues in the following areas? back of head issue/headaches from back? spine? right shoulder front side towards neck? jaw/teeth right side?"

Reply: ''I grind my teeth when I sleep and my jaw hurts as well, as I wake up sometimes with a headache, I also have allot of dental issues.... I also have asthma''

74) 31/07/19- Email sent "Hi, Do you have issues in the following areas?: Neck left side? Face left side- top half? Left jaw/teeth? Internal around naval area?"

Reply: "Neck left side?"- today it was tight. "face left side- top half?"- no "left jaw/teeth?"- at times I think I have lock jaw. "internal around naval area?" - I have stomach issues.  

75) 31/07/19- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have issues/pain in the following areas? Face/jaw left side? Bottom of left jaw towards neck? Chest internal? Neck front right? Left leg?"

Reply: "I have all of these how do u know ???"

76) 01/08/19- We email client: "Hi, Do you have any issues/pain with: Left shoulder? Left arm below elbow? Left leg? Chest internal? Intestines internal around naval height?"

Reply: "Yes. I'm being treated for Crohn's disease and have been suffering with joint inflammation and stiffness, especially the back and hands, but in the left shoulder sometimes as well along with occasional sharp pains in my feet. Here and there I have some spasms of stomach pain and irregular bowel movements. The medication I was on is no longer working to reduce inflammation."

"So you would say yes to all the above?"


77) 05/08/19- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have issues/pain in the following areas?: chest internal left side? pain between your shoulder blades? left jaw/teeth? left shoulder or area between left shoulder and jaw? left leg above knee?''

Reply by email : "I have some pain in my chest, very mild, like a cold I do have pain in my left shoulder blade No pain in my left leg but my left leg is shorter than my right leg so when i stand a lot it hurts''

78) 05/08/19- email sent: "ok do you have the following issues/pain? headaches? stomach issues? left leg? lower back left side? teeth both sides especially left side? upper chest internal?''

Reply: "Interesting. Headaches - unexplainable recently. Body is always in pain.had left Achilles reconstructed 10 years ago.huge issue with right Achilles heel now. Lower back hurts all the time. Had more issues in both sides of mouth. Lost three teeth after my 15 year old was born. Upper chest _internally yes. Seems to always be on the defense. Stomach - have had digestive issues since the 15 year old was born and have a metabolic weight issue since then also.''

79) 06/08/19- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have any issues or pain in the following areas? Left jaw? right shoulder!? upper back below shoulder blades? High anxiety/stress at the moment? left leg?"

Reply by email: "Yes lots of pain in my left leg, a little in my shoulder.

(follow up email): "I was very quick to answer but I am super stressed right now, I am having lots of pain on my right and left knees and my left ankle. It’s making me very anxious as I have to take care of ........ who is disabled and it’s hard to do when I am I so much pain." 

80) 08/08/19- Rav Hool tells client: High anxiety, lower torso internal right, left shoulder, chest internal right, between shoulder blades, skin condition, nose/breathing

Reply by phone: High anxiety-Yes lower torso internal right-yes left shoulder-No chest internal right- Yes between shoulder blades-No skin condition-Yes nose/breathing- Yes- 5 yes's 2 no's. But 'shoulder' can also be parnossoh which was a problem.

81) 09/08/19- Rav Hool was told beforehand just that client has "stomach pain" he emails client: "Hi, what's with your left leg?? Do you have any of the following issues/pain?: left leg, left jaw/teeth lower chest/stomach towards right side pain between shoulder blades?"

Emailed Reply: ''Hi My left leg is like a nerve pain, had toothache last week, stomach issues and bothers me where liver is,(right side) and had bad neck pain last night."

82) - 12/08/19- Rav Hool does procedure for boy injured (he was just told 'a lot of scratches on his body and leg') Rav Hool asks if the injury's are: Left arm, both legs- particularly lower part of one leg (past knee)- I think it's the right leg, lower intestines naval height. chest area internal."

Everything confirmed by the father on the phone except chest area which has to be checked....

(13/08/19-Just received confirmation by email- there was a chest injury as well)

83)- 12/08/19- Email sent: "Hi; Do you have pain/issues in the following areas? Both legs especially left leg? chest left internal or left shoulder towards front, right jaw/teeth, nose area, stomach around naval area?"

Email Reply: "Both legs but much more serious in right leg. Bad left shoulder pain. Digestive issues - crohns, have a stoma which is right of my naval and having lots of problems with it."

84) -12/08/19- Rav Hool sends email: "Do you have issues/pain in the following areas?: Chest right side just below neck? Left side neck, intestines higher than naval? Back pain, left arm one, of your legs -I think it's left."

Answers by phone: Yes to everything above except left arm. -But tells us he has just been told his teffilin shel yad (which he wears on left arm) may be possul.???? We just don't know if that is what Rav Hool saw concerning left arm.  

85) 19/08/19- Email sent to client: "Ok, Do you have any issues/pain in the following areas?: Suffer from headaches? Left shoulder? Left leg chest middle upper back left side? breathing issue/asthma?

Reply by email: "I have asthma (bad when I was a kid, not so bad right now) I have headaches, mainly from stress, I have pain in my right shoulder No pain in legs or chest or back. I do have pain in the upper back left side only when I do a certain type of stretch. It’s a very sharp pain, but again it only happens when I do a certain stretch." (chest area issue seems to be the asthma)

86) 31/08/19- Client comes for procedure, because of 'headaches'. Rav Hool tells her "You have pain neck left side, ear right side, right shoulder, upper back right side, internal heart area, and legs."

She and her husband confirm everything to be 100% accurate, and her husband says she keeps claiming of pain in the heart area (where it just was identified by the lead) and she has been to the doctor who has said there is no medical issue. There is no way this could be 'cold reading' or 'Barnum affect'.

87) 04/09/19- Email sent: Hi, Do you have any issues/pain in the following: Headaches? Chest right side? Upper back towards left? Left jaw/teeth? Left leg? If you do not- then the ayin horah was affecting other non physical areas of your life. But IYH we dealt with it all."

Reply: "Headaches very rare. Chest pain at times.. Back pain certainly.. lower and middle Left teeth somewhat Left leg yes. in foot.. Amazing.."

 88) 10/09/19- Email sent to remote client: "Do you suffer from headaches? Neck right side? Maybe some issue with part of right leg?"

Reply: "Not so much from headaches but yes neck pain and right leg"

89) 16/09/19- Email sent to remote client: "Do you have any issues with: Right shoulder? Left Jaw/teeth? Left leg? Chest/breathing problem or sleeping problem? Back of head towards neck?"

Email Reply: "I have pain in my left leg and have a brace to give it support I have had teeth issues over the years and lost some but now theres no tooth pain. I do have sleeping issues and take sleeping pills to help me sleep. My head tilts to the side slightly and I do have on and off shoulder pain.........I am blown away! Quite remarkable!"

90) 17/09/19- Left ear, right shoulder, anxiety, sleep problem, chest infection -all identified accurately from the lead by remote procedure.

91) 21/09/19- Results by email and phone for remote procedure: Left leg-'I have permanent injury in left foot can never bend my left toe' Right teeth- 'occasionally' Chest left side- 'I have a cough' Stomach upper right and lower left- if I have stomach ache but not really Neck left side-'yes!' Headaches-'Sometimes. I have bit of headache at the moment 'cos I have a cold and not feeling too well at the moment! Breathing/sleeping issue - 'yes terrible including snoring recently'

92) 24/09/19 - Email sent to client: "Do you have the following issues? Left shoulder/neck? Right arm? Headaches- right side back? Breathing/sleeping issue?

Reply by email : "Oh wow. Right arm and headache and breathing issues!" 

93) 22/10/19- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any pain/issues in the following areas? Left shoulder/stiff neck? Back issue from between shoulders down to base of spine? Extreme anxiety (you said you have) Lower intestines- below naval? Chest internal towards left? Maybe also a breathing issue like asthma- or trouble sleeping? One of your legs- I think left?"

Her response (by phone): "It's actually my right leg. But everything else is pretty much spot on. The stiff neck, constipation, and sleep problem is very recent. There is nothing else I have that you didn't mention...."

94) 26/10/19- Breathing problem, sleep problem, stiff neck/left shoulder, stomache issue all confirmed by client on the phone.

95) 27/10/19- Right ear issue, left kidney issue correctly identified. (client present).

96) 27/10/19- Anxiety, middle chest problem and pain above left hip correctly identified. (client present). 

97) 03/11/19- Email sent and received from client:

"Hi, Here's what showed up: Anxiety, left arm or left side of torso elbow height, right shoulder, chest internal, right leg. I did my best to deal with it all-please let me know if she has any issues in the above and also when there is improvement IYH Best, Doniel"

Reply: "Thank you!  All was true. She started feeling somewhat better within a short time of when you did it."

98) 03/11/19- After remote procedure, Rav Hool tells father She has an issue with left arm, breathing issue and lower back right side.

Daughter phones back to say she recently had inexplainable pain in her left arm and a breathing issue, -she went to the doctor who found nothing wrong" 

99) 08/11/19 - Rav Hool sends email to client after remote procedure: "Hi, Ok you told me about the digestion problem -which showed clearly (I didn't want you to tell me-I just wanted to know about general yeshuoh) but do you have these other issues? Chest internal? Stomach towards left side? Left shoulder? (maybe also stiff neck) Lower back issue around base of spine? Part of left leg? LMK."

Emailed reply: "Very stiff neck. Fortune of inflammation right sholder- Tight shoulders. Lower back by base of spine. Very tight Legs very painful & weak" 

100) - 18/11/19- email sent: Top of right arm? Left shoulder? (or other way around with shoulder and arm) Internal intestines stomach center towards right? Internal below naval towards right? left jaw/teeth left side?

Reply by phone: "Shoulder impingement both sides, acid flux stomach problem."

101) 20/11/19- Hi do you have issues/pain in the following?: Extreme anxiety? (you already said that!) Lower intestines/stomache? One of your feet - I think right? left jaw?

Emailed reply: "Yes all of those, left jaw clicking problem, and right foot 100% -and extreme anxiety"


102) - 21/11/19- Email sent to friend of client: "Hi, Here's what showed up: Neck left. Breathing/sleeping issue, Chest right, Chest left, Above naval left, Left leg"

Emailed reply: "Neck left YES. Breathing/sleeping issue- DIFFICULTY SLEEPING RECENTLY. Chest right- YES. Chest left- YES"


103) 25/11/19- heart condition, and intestinal issues and jaw issues accurately revealed in the lead.


104) 26/11/19- Email sent: "Do you have any issues/pain with: left leg? left shoulder? breathing/sleeping problem? Recent toilet problem like hemorrhoids?"

Emailed Reply: "Left leg, knee muscle is torn from football injury Sleeping and breathing issues as well".

follow up phone call:

"Do you have any other physical issues?" -"Yes- swollen gums" "Right side- correct?" "Yes correct!"

"The left shoulder could be parnossah issues...." "Well, definitely work has been extremely stressful in the last 4 weeks..."


105) 28/11/19- Email sent: "ok, Breathing/chest, neck left, maybe right shoulder, left leg. Let me know"

Emailed Reply: "Had short of breath when singing which I never had as a Chazzan. Need breathing exercises. Had pain in the neck 2 days ago slept wrong way. Maybe Left leg was acting when I got lower infection but took antibiotics so BH got better."


106) 29/11/19 - Email sent: " Hi, Do you have any issues/pain in the following: One of your legs- I think it's Right leg! chest left side heart/below heart? left jaw/teeth? anxiety? intestines below naval especially left side?"

Reply by phone: "I broke my right leg and still suffer from it, recent digestion problems-chest and an intestines, a tooth in my left jaw is definitely an issue, not terrible- but yes anxiety"


107) 03/12/19- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any issues/pain in the following areas? left shoulder /arm lower neck right side upper chest internal/throat one of your legs I think left"

Emailed reply: "I've had a bit of a stiff shoulder and oftentimes the left suffer is the worst and my lower neck is constantly tense. I have thyroid issues, perhaps my throat area? I had fallen and suffered from pain from the fall in my leg."


108) 03/12/19- left leg problem and teeth right side issue confirmed on phone call with client. 


109) 09/12/19- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have tissues/pain in the following?: Right shoulder/arm? Left jaw/teeth? Right jaw/teeth? Back pain middle left, Neck- right side. One of your legs/feet -I think right?"

Emailed reply: Right shoulder/arm? Yes right shoulder is always very sensitive after I carry something for few min. Left jaw/teeth Right jaw/teeth? My teeth and gums are indeed very sensitive.  Back pain middle left - I have had a lot of pain in my lower back right side, I was told it is a hernia and the pain I feel is when it goes on a nerve. Neck right side- I havent felt it, but I know that my reflectologist has often mentioned that my neck is blocked. One of your legs/feet -I think right? My legs are indeed hurting sometimes, mostly when I sit longterm (I have nerves sticking out)


110) 09/12/19 Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have issues/pain in the following areas?; Right shoulder? right arm? stomach issue above naval? lower back One of your legs I think left leg? left shoulder? left jaw/teeth?

Client confirms by phone: "Left shoulder, lower back, teeth left side, right arm issue 'on and off'."    



111) 10/12/19- Email sent to client: "Hi, Does ..... have any issues in the following?: Right arm? Breathing or sleeping issue? Possible headaches? Upper chest internal (towards right)? Left shoulder/neck? Back pain middle right?

Reply by phone: Everything confirmed except 'left shoulder/neck'

112) 17/12/19 Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any issue/pain with the following?: Stiff neck especially right side? Left leg? Right jaw/teeth? Anxiety? Sleeping/breathing problem? Also -less so- lower left internal, and upper right internal?"

Reply by phone: "Injured right shoulder twice in a couple of years, Right leg pain, Right side teeth, I take pills for sleeping, upper internal issue, anxiety- all confirmed"

113)- 18/12/19- Left shoulder, right arm, past hemorrhoids, kidney stones, upper back, sleep problem, anxiety - all revealed in procedure with client present.

114)- 19/12/19- Email sent: "Breathing/sleeping/snoring problem, left internal just above naval height, left arm, teeth right side, anxiety! Maybe hemorrhoids or past hemorrhoids?"

Emailed Reply "75% (accurate)" 

115) 22/12/19- Email sent: "Ok- Do you have any pain/issues in the following: Jaw/teeth right side, left side of head, internal chest, internal lower torso right and middle also lower torso left (maybe the same thing as above) right arm?"

Reply by email: "I had recent dental work on right side but no pain. And Tmj on right side. Left ear issues sometimes but not painful. Yes to chest/ breathing issues Issues and pain in lower torso mostly on right , but middle and left too"

116) 24/12/19- Email received: "Your effort on our behalf is greatly appreciated, and we look forward iy'H to reporting back to you with b'suros tovos! You were on target with the current health issues...

117) 25/12/19- Email sent to client who claimed he had no physical issues at all : "Hi, Think carefully: do you have any issues or had any issues/pain recently in the following: Teeth right side, torso right side, left shoulder, anxiety breathing/sleep problem?"

His emailed reply: "Teeth right side yes Torso yes Left shoulder was likely the parnassah as mentioned by you Anxiety yes Breathing & sleeping possibly not at its finest so that’s why it was showing it ."

118) 26/12/19- Email sent: " Hi, Do you have issues/pain in the following: right shoulder/neck (you mentioned a pinch nerve is it right side?) (Also Rav Hool added left side neck when speaking on phone) chest internal jaw/teeth right side One of your legs- I think right, internal below naval, past hemorrhoids.

Respoinse by phone:"As mentioned right shoulder and also left side neck, Chest internal -pnemonia twice recently! Operation on right leg last year, internal below naval- yes, and not hemorrhoids -but problem in same area"

119) 26/12/19 Email sent: "Left side of head- maybe ear? Chest left near heart, torso -upper right, below naval, anxiety."

Reply by phone: "Extensive teeth treatment left side, stent inserted to heart, acid flux in chest, below naval- yes, anxiety - yes particularly in last few weeks"

120) 20/01/20 - Email sent to client: "Do you have any of the following issues/pain at the moment or recently?: (does not have to be serious) Breathing/sleeping problem? Upper chest internal middle? Chest area around heart? Left shoulder/neck left side? One of your legs- I think left? Anxiety?

Emailed reply:"Hi Rabbi, The physical ailments were spot on- the only ones you missed were my allergies and my jaw, but they do contribute to my breathing:

Breathing/sleeping problem? - Yes (Have been a bad sleeper for many years and also have breathing problem) Upper chest internal middle? - Yes (Do get pains on an ad hoc basis) chest area around heart? - Yes ( Do get pains across my chest near my heart on an ad hoc basis) Left shoulder/neck left side? - Yes (Do get shots of pain on the left side below my shoulder, under my arm). One of your legs- I think left . Right leg (I fell and hurt my right leg over a month ago and it has not healed properly yet). anxiety? - Yes (Highly anxious person)" 

121/122) 26/01/20- Email sent to client: "Here's what showed up with you: Do you have any pain/issues in the following: Breathing /sleeping problem? chest right side? neck right side? headaches? anxiety?

Here's your wife: Teeth left side also breathing/sleeping back pain? below naval internal headaches -right side Please confirm or otherwise"

Emailed reply: "Yes you got it spot on" -"spot on with both of you?" -"Yes! Although I dont think I have pain in the neck" 

123) - Email sent to client: "Ok do you have any pain/issues in the following: One of your legs I think left leg? internal below naval left? forehead/eyes? right side of head? chest internal? breathing/sleeping issue?"

Emailed reply: "I have Crohns disease. Some sleeping issues too. My left leg is shorter then right. which gives me pain..."

124) 27/01/20- Email sent to client "Do you have any physical issues/pain in the following?: One of your legs- I think left? Bottom torso internal right side? below naval right? Hemorrhoids? Right shoulder/arm left shoulder? Stiff neck? Left ear or teeth left side?"

Emailed Reply: "I have had surgeries on both my knees but my left seems to bother me here and there. I do have a lot of gas moving through my stomach and I have 2 teeth on my left side that need to be pulled out that have really been bothering me. I do get a stiff neck a great amount of time (that could be the shoulders mentioned as well) and I have a left eye that is slower moving than my right eye (lazy eye) causing me headaches after I wake up from sleeping"

125) 3/02/20- Email sent: "Ok- does your mother have issues in following: Upper chest, lower torso- right, right arm, right leg, breathing issue, left eye or left side of head, right shoulder?"

Emailed reply: "Upper chest ,yes right arm yes, right shoulder yes. Left eye yes , both eyes are bothering her now as well . Left knee yes Breathing issues yes." 

126)- 04/2/20- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have issues/pain in the following: Back pain? Lower stomach towards left? Part of right arm? Right leg? chest internal? teeth/jaw right side? Anxiety?"

Reply by email: "Back pain? Lower back pain, but not enough to effect activities, and only when standing for a long time. Lower stomach towards left? More to the right or at the top below the sternum, Part of right arm? Shoulder, but more the left shoulder Right leg? Knee, frequent pain. Chest internal? YES, when I eat, that is what I was referring to when I said below the sternum teeth/jaw right side? no Anxiety? Yes, I take medication."

On the phone client confirms he indeed has an ongoing issue with right shoulder, and he also confirms teeth problem right side. Rav Hool also mentions breathing/sleep problem which client also confirms. 

127) 09/02/20 - Email received from client (email sent was in Hebrew):"Left leg sometimes - last 2 days yes. Stomach often. I don’t know exact part of stomach but it often bloats. Neck hurts at times. Jaw no. Shoulder sometimes right or left. Anxiety yes a lot of the time"

128) -10/02/20 - Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have any issues/pain in the following: Left ear or head left side? Upper back, Breathing, Internal chest left, Right leg, Internal around naval center and right. right arm."

Confirmed by phone: Left ear worse than right in hearing, Upper back between shoulder blades, internal chest, right leg problem, internal around naval- yes, right arm-no."

129) 26/03/20 - Email sent to client: "Here's what showed up with you: left jaw neck- (stiff neck?) left shoulder or right shoulder - or both! headaches back pain Loads of anxiety right leg torso internal above naval.

Reply by email: "Yes this is correct." 

130) 22/04/20- Email sent: "Do you have pain/issues in the following: One of your legs or both! lower back left side chest internal right left jaw/teeth left side neck right side internal around naval height center towards right side"

Email reply received: "Yes definitely much of what you message resonates. Wow." By phone she says the only thing she has no issue is with left jaw.

131) 22/04/20 - Email sent: "Hi Do you have any issues/pain in the following: neck left side upper back either right arm or right leg (I think arm) chest internal middle (could be indigestion!) right jaw/teeth right side."

Emailed reply: "Upper back sometimes & just got over (for the most part) something in my right jaw. Was really painfull." On the phone client says he also had a painfull issue on right leg three days ago. 

132) 27/04/20- Email sent: "Do you have pain/issue with the following? Both right and left legs? back issue/spine going especially down towards left side breathing/sleeping issue chest internal middle chest internal left side, left arm"

Emailed reply: "Dear Rabbi Hool, It’s quite amazing what you are able to see. I do in fact have constant pain in both legs. I do have some bulging discs in my spine both at my neck and lower back. I do have sleeping issues. I do not feel refreshed after sleeping and have to sleep for at least 10 hours a night. I currently have a lung infection that I am taking antibiotics for and my chest is quite painful due to this. My left arm is fairly ok, but I do have pain sometimes."

133) 04/05/20- Email sent: "Hi do you have any issues pain in the following: internal above naval middle one of your legs- I think left headaches upper back breathing/sleeping anxiety coronavirus?"

Emailed reply: " Yes on the left heel I have muscle pain. Headaches ? Upper back - yes Breathing/sleeping - I have a sleep machine. Anxiety - maybe not sure. Coronavirus - yes we all had it the entire family."

134) 05/05/20- Email sent: "Hi -do you have issues/pain in the following: Coronavirus. Left shoulder or under left jaw. One of your legs -I think left leg! Chest internal especially right side. Back pain. Breathing issue."

Emailed reply: "I never checked myself for Corona. Pain in the left shoulder, yes. Both of my legs hurt. Chest? Sometimes. Back pain, a lot. Breathing, yes"

135) 05/05/20- Identified from the lead and confirmed by client on the phone: Coronavirus, Right leg, breathing, anxiety, middle back towards left side.

136) 05/05/20 - Identified from the lead and confirmed by client on the phone: Left leg, upper back, stomach middle down to naval anxiety, left shoulder (left shoulder lower than right- due to upper back issue).

137) 05/05/20 -Identified from the lead and confirmed by client on the phone: Left leg, above naval left side, anxiety, breathing issue. 

138) 07/05/20 Email sent: "Hi, Coronavirus, breathing, left of head or neck, right leg, anxiety. Do you have any of these issues?"

Emailed reply: "I have a mersa infected on my left ear going to my neck, I guess anxiety as well"

139) 07/05/20- Email sent to client: "Hi Do you have any issues/pain in the following: Coronavirus, left leg or part of it, back pain, breathing/sleeping issue."

Emailed reply: "have tested positive but I have antibodies.  Leg joint pain a few times, I don't wake up rested ,blisters on my back (new)."

140) - 11/05/20 - Email sent to client:" Hi Do you have issues/pain in the following: breathing/sleeping issue left jaw/neck left side of head or maybe left ear upper back behind neck internal above naval right side LEFT LEG!"

Emailed reply: "......yes all the above is completely accurate. Hashem please let it get better."

141) -11/05/20 - Email sent to client: "left leg (maybe also right) headaches internal by sternum middle back left jaw/teeth plenty of anxiety does she have these?"

Emailed reply: "yes all of the above... maybe not sternum- not sure where that is"

142) 22/5/20- Email sent :"Here is what showed up in the lead for Reb Avrohom: Chest internal, left leg, below naval -left side/middle (kidney stones?), right shoulder/neck right side. Mental anxiety/stress." (We were told beforehand about kidney stones).

Everything confirmed by phone especially neck right side and left leg.

143) 09/06/20 -Email sent: "Here's what showed up: infection/Coronavirus, lower part of left leg, chest internal right, below naval right side, right shoulder, extreme anxiety or left side of head or both!"

Everything confirmed by client by phone, except chest internal right, and 'below naval' is more to left side.

144) - 09/06/20- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have issues in the following: Chest lower left, internal middle, throat, right shoulder, one of your legs- maybe both! back issue right side, Huge anxiety (that we know!)"

Email reply: "Interesting. While you were working on me, my chest started hurting on the left side. My left ankle feels odd." On the phone she also confirms internal middle, and back issue.


145) 17/06/20- Email sent and received from client: "Hi, Does she have the following issues: Chest internal - some shortness of breath. Internal between chest and stomach- middle and left - don't know. Left leg - Some pain. Infection/coronavirus - Not that we know. Left side of head- ear going down to neck left side -yes. Big anxiety/mental issue -yes.


146) 30/06/20- Email sent to client: "Hi, Does he have an issue with: right shoulder one leg -I think left internal around naval -maybe towards left"

Email reply: "Not shoulder. Spleen is enlarged which is either the cause or a symptom of the problem. so that's correct. He had a biopsy 35 years ago in his right femur but it was benign cartilage. He does have a scar there."


147) - 30/06/20- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have issues in the following: Anxiety! Right shoulder, left leg, front of neck/ches, chest internal left jaw/teeth"

Emailed reply: "I am not usually anxious at all, but I have been feeling overwhelmed lately with so much to do and being inside so much due to Corona restrictions. I have been clenching my teeth recently, a new issue. From time to time I notice an issue with my right shoulder if I sleep on it ( which never happens on the left side). I get stiffness sometimes in both legs, didn't notice it being left instead of right leg. Front of neck/chest / huge amount of skin blemishes. Chest internal - no known problem."

148) 149) 150)- 17/7/20 : Email sent to client for three family members: "(First person)-Nose- both sides- left side worse, lower back, internal above navel, base of neck between shoulders, anxiety hemorrhoids (or past case) one of her legs (could be right).

(Second person): Right arm/shoulder, internal above navel, right ear, left jaw/teeth.

(Third person): Left jaw/teeth, breathing/sleep, chest internal, lower back, stiff neck- right side worse"


Email received from client: "Thank you so much! Kolea Lematoro! (accurate diagnosis!)" When asked "Do you mean the list for each one was accurate?" His emailed reply: "Yes!"


151) 03/8/20- Email sent "Hi does (she) have the following issues: breathing or sleeping issue, right shoulder/top of right arm, left side of head- maybe left jaw or teeth left side, internal navel height, chest internal middle, right leg severe anxiety or other current mental issue. Oh and a stiff neck!"

Emailed reply: "She had covid in march and her breathing has been affected and she sleeps in. Under the right arm and down the right side.....Yes she does have a stiff neck too" On the phone -the other issues were also confirmed- intestinal problems, and right leg is longer.....


152) 04/8/20- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have any of the following issues: Lower jaw left side or upper neck left side. Left side of head/ear. Chest internal. Lower torso right side. Naval/below naval. Right leg."

Everything confirmed by client on the phone. Client says there is also a thyroid problem we didn't mention- however this could well be included in 'upper neck left side'.


153) -04/08/20- Email sent to client:"Hi..... Do you have any of the following issues?: Left leg. Breathing/sleeping problem. Neck left side/shoulder Or extreme anxiety (or both!) Chest internal right side. Possible headaches. Upper torso internal/stomach center."

Everything confirmed by phone except 'possible headaches'.


154)- 10/08/20 -Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have the following issues: left arm, headaches and/or issue with left side of head, breathing/sleeping issue, left leg, torso left side, right shoulder, internal above naval- lower down left and higher right side maybe skin rash/issue. Oh-also plenty of anxiety!"

Emailed response: "Hi Yes a lot of headaches, breathing and sleeping issues . No for legs that I know of at least. My right shoulder was bothering the other week but it’s better now. Yes torso. Yes for the rest of the list...." (On the phone she does also confirm left leg issues).


155) 01/9/20- Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have the following issues: Did/do you have co-vid 19? Left leg/foot issue? Chest internal-breathing/sleeping issue- especially left side? Hemorrhoids- past or present? Oh- and back pain/issue left side"

Emailed response: "Hi I May have had covid- I had some syptoms a few weeks back but never got tested. Foot/leg on left side some discomfort- not constant. Breathing difficulties/chest pain quite often. Back pain on left side- also regularly. Hemorrhoids- no history and nothing now."


156) 9/9/20- Email sent: "Hi..., Do you have the following issues: left leg (maybe right as well) right shoulder/neck left jaw/teeth lower back Around naval internal right side."

Emailed reply: "Yes......Lower back pain always had, both legs discomfort always had, teeth I have some issue. Abdominal is really left side from not eating for many years."


157) 10/9/20- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any issues with the following: Teeth/jaw left side chest internal lower chest/upper torso middle neck left side left leg"

Emailed reply: "Neck left side sometimes stiff Left leg – I had sciatica some years ago – lasted a few weeks but went away. I sometimes have problem with the ‘arch’ of the left foot – it hurts but then goes away I have had atrial fabulation (irregular heart beat) on a few occasions over the years but b’H not recently (maybe at least 5 years) Sometimes left jaw does feels funny I have bad indigestion quite often – this often creates pains across my chest"


158) 10/9/20 Email sent: "Hi, Do you have issues with the following: Right shoulder, chest right side and middle left leg past/present hemorrhoids."

Email response: "I have difficulty with the left shoulder. Possibly left knee. Right part of chest . Reflux. Hemorrhoids years ago."


159) 11/9/20) Email sent: "Hi, Do you have the following issues: Lower part of left leg/foot, chest internal right side/breathing sleeping problem, teeth left side, internal navel height towards right, above navel internal left"

Emailed reply: " Yes, I do.....Lower part of left leg/foot- feel cramps. Chest internal right side/breathing sleeping problem - heartburn. I have a lot of trouble with sleeping - not regulating breathing- have a hard time staying calm and breathing peacefully. Teeth left side- had alot of work done- but not hurting right now. Internal navel height towards right- above navel internal left ( gut needs to heal) a lot of emotional turmoil causes physical hurt in those areas."


160) 17/9/20- Email sent to client: "Does he have the following issues: Both legs- especially left, extreme anxiety, neck left side, and teeth/jaw left side, lower chest left, right shoulder/arm, above navel internal middle, lower back right, breathing /sleeping issue."

Every single thing confirmed on the phone by client except for 'sleeping issue'.


161) 2/10/20 - Right shoulder, stomach, left leg, chest internal, upper back between shoulder blades, lower back, all confirmed by client on phone and email (in Hebrew) (Everything identified in the lead was confirmed and client has no other symptoms besides what was seen in the lead)

162) 2/10/20- Right leg, left shoulder, right arm all confimed by client on phone and email (in Hebrew).


163) 14/10/20- Email sent: "Hi- does he have issues in the following: teeth/jaw left side, chest internal, back middle, stomach middle below navel right side."

Emailed reply: "I would say most of it is correct"


164) 15/10/20 - Email sent: "Hi, Do you have issues in the following: chest internal middle and right side left shoulder (if not could well be parnossoh issue) navel internal middle and towards right One of your legs - I think left"

Emailed reply: "Left shoulder about a month ago but has since been okay. Navel just an intense itch at times and left hip area sometimes. My shoulders slouch so that my right shoulder is higher than my left. Chest issue had been breathing issues due to my asthma."


165) 20/10/20- Email sent: "Hi, Does she have issues/discomfort in the following: Right shoulder/neck, chest internal right, lower chest middle, lower stomach and navel height."

Emailed reply: "Yes, they seem to be the symptoms. Thank you."


166) 25/10/20- Email sent: "left jaw/teeth left side, left shoulder, chest internal/throat, Torso internal above navel left leg co-vid 19 past or present.

Email received: "Hello Rabbi Hool, so I spoke with my son he said his left side of his mouth hurts and he has pain on his leg like we spoke it’s on and off right now he’s not in pain but it would be the left leg!" Previously on the phone she also confirmed everything else on the list except left shoulder..... 

167) 10/11/20- Email sent: "left leg chest internal-breathing/sleeping internal torso going down left side"

Emailed reply: "Wow! Thanks! Yes BH feel better !!! Hard time sleeping and started worked out with a little weights on my stomach and chest ! Amazing... Breathing - yes not always so easy.  My wife mentioned to me I walk not so great on my left side I believe"

168) Email sent: "Neck left side, chest internal down middle, eyes/front of face, lower torso internal middle, signs also of left leg issue"

Emailed reply:  "Wow! She had an issue with breathing…. Can't breathe in chest and nose.....Sometimes her neck can have issues with the sleeping…"

169)- 11/11/20- Email sent: "Do you currently have any of these?: Chest internal/breathing especially left side, upper stomach internal, navel internal, left leg?"

Emailed reply: "My lungs are BH recovering from Corona but much much better than before. Have sinus congestion, upper stomach actually today was upset from what I ate last night.... (legs) Sometimes I get pain and tingling....

Rav Hool: "the navel could also be diarrhea or something like that?"

Emailed Response: "Yes had today. Wow!"

170)- 11/11/20/- Email sent : "Hi, Do you have any of these physical issues: Back issue breathing/sleeping issue, upper chest internal, One of your legs- I think left."

Email respnse: "Yes to everything."

171)- 15/11/20- Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any issues with the following: (nothing serious!) Left jaw/teeth left side, nose/front of face, upper chest internal, below navel internal, left leg."

Email response: " I have been having pain on left side of my mouth & chest- I usually have pain when I have anxiety, and I know one of my hips is higher than the other so that creates some pain in left leg." On the phone she also confirms below navel internal.

172) 15/11/20- Email sent: "teeth left side, lower back, left leg, torso internal left side/left arm"

Emailed response: "Yes (to all), but not sure about the left arm"

173) -15/11/20- Email sent: "Left shoulder/arm, lower torso internal above and below navel (recent indigestion? Diarrhea?), back pain, teeth left side, lower part of left leg, eyes" (in a subsequest email we added "oh-also past/present hemorrhoids....")

Emailed response: "Hi yes, Especially (left) arm/ shoulder, teeth, eyes, back pain, not sure about torso." (the hemorrhoids was the same place as the back issue)....

174)- 16/11/20 - Email sent "Hi, does she have the following issues: Left jaw/teeth chest internal and right lung, stomach above navel towards left, left shoulder, lower back pain, skin issue, top of left leg/hip"

Emailed response: "He said everything except the jaw/teeth"

175) 24/11/20- Email sent: "Hi, Do you know if he has the following issues at present: Teeth/jaw left side, stiff neck, right shoulder, torso internal middle between chest and navel, left leg.."

Emailed replies:

"I was not aware of those issues, but I can ask him......."

"He said all of them are correct! I had no idea."

176) 26/11/20 Email sent: "Do you have issues with the following: Right shoulder/top of right arm left jaw/teeth skin issue pain between shoulder blades chest internal above navel internal"

Emailed reply: "Yes left jaw and teeth have been sore, despite seeing dentist recently and being treated. Skin issue, certainly where the old pick line was taken out my right arm before they inserted new pick line in left. Chest could be where they inserted new pick line with difficulty, saying there appeared to be a central blockage, which I was not aware of. Naval, correct. Chest correct."

- See success stories number 118 -for results on this, 12 hours after procedure!

177) 09/12/20 -Email sent: "Do you have these physical issues: Teeth left side neck/shoulder right side Or extreme anxiety, left leg."

Emailed reply: "Yes I have had issues with pain in the left side of my mouth for a little over a year now. For a few months it was very bad pain but about a year ago it got much better and I didn’t feel it too often but it was still there and when I touched it or brushed my teeth I would feel the pain but throughout the day I didn’t really feel it much. I went to the dentist a few months ago and they told me there’s a wisdom tooth on the left side that needs to be removed (which I haven’t done yet). I haven’t felt the pain at all through the day recently at all but it’s still there if I touch or put pressure on the spot I feel the pain.

Yes my neck and shoulders have been very stiff and hurting a lot lately (also upper back)... I didn’t notice specifically the right side but now that I pay attention maybe the neck and shoulders is more stiff on right side...."

178) 13/12/20- Email sent: "Chest internal right side, left jaw/teeth/left side of face, breathing issue, navel area internal (towards right side)."

Everything confirmed 100% by phone.

179) 13/12/20 -Email sent: "Hi, Here's what showed up with you: Lower back left jaw/teeth, internal between navel and chest, neck left side left shoulder."

Everything confimed 100% on phone.

180) 30/12/20- Email sent: "jaw/teeth/neck left side, right shoulder, chest internal, one of your legs (I think it's left but it might be right) past covid 19."

Emailed reply: " jaw/teeth/neck left side - NOT SURE.(on phone he says he indeed had a swollen gland right side this week) right shoulder- MAYBE UPPER ARM? chest internal - DO YOU MEAN COUGH OR SOMETHING ELSE? (on phone he says he had a cought today).  One of your legs (I think it's left but it might be right) - YES, UPPER RIGHT. past covid 19. - YES." 

181) 19/01/21- Email sent to client: "Neck left, middle chest, stomach middle, right arm. Any of these?"

Emailed response: "Wow. Neck has been hurting cause slept wrong shabbos. I guess stress also. Chest probably because when I had Corona, but my lungs are okay BH but cold weather bothers me. I'm used to getting heartburn in the stomach. Right arm actually had stitches on my right hand and had a twisted thumb." 

182) 20/01/21  Email sent:"Hi, do you have any of these physical issues: Neck left side/left jaw/teeth, chest internal, right leg (maybe left as well), right shoulder, around navel internal towards right side, past co-vid"

Emailed response: "Yes,I have neck pain on both sides but more on the left, I have a lot of chest discomfort, both legs, both shoulders, past covid..."   

183) 20/01/21 Email sent: "Hi, do you have the following physical issues: Right arm/shoulder, breathing/ sleeping issue, teeth left side, neck right side, left leg, discomfort down torso left side, possible headaches"

Emailed Response: "I have some breathing problems and sometimes asthma I have sleep apnea. I don’t feel so much in right arm/shoulder. I have a tooth on the left side removed and on right side I have a cracked tooth that needs a crown. Not noticing so much on neck. I have arthritis on left knee couldn’t walk then suddenly the pain got better- but then went to my lower back and has now moved to the left side. I have a hard time standing for too long and walking. I just started yesterday having a throbbing headache in back of head and feeling dizzy and off balance. I took a colonoscopy on Monday and thought maybe it is from anistesia."

184) 20/01/21 -Email sent: "Do you have the following physical issues: Neck or jaw/teeth left side upper left leg/hip chest internal towards right breathing/sleeping issue right shoulder/arm"

Emailed response:"Yes to the last two and possible for the left leg and left neck."

185) 20/01/21 Email sent: "Left leg, right arm, left shoulder, lower back, left jaw/teeth, chest internal left."

Emailed response: "Yes to the last three" (the other's she doesn't know about as it was for her daughter).

186) 25/01/21 Email sent: "Hi, Do you have any of these physical issues at present: neck right side lower back pain left jaw/teeth or ear front of face towards left

Emailed response: "Hi, So I have lower back pain right now and have been having past week neck cramps on the right side"

187) 25/01/21 Email sent:"Hi do you have the following physical issues? Right arm/shoulder, Left leg, Torso internal around navel, Left ear, chest internal."

Emailed response: "Right arm- yes. Left leg- intense pain. Pelvis area- yes."

188) 13/2/21 Email sent: "Some minor issues: Both shoulders/neck, chest internal, left hip/leg, breathing/sleeping issue, teeth left side. Does she have any of these?"

Emailed response: "Both shoulders/neck YES. Chest internal YES. Left hip/leg YES. Breathing/sleeping issue YES. teeth left side YES." 

189) 19/2/21) Email sent to client: "Hi, Do you have any of these issues: Extreme anxiety, left jaw/teeth, neck right side, left arm/shoulder, left leg, chest internal center and left, above navel internal left, below navel right"

Emailed response: "Yes, my wife certainly has anxiety. She often feels discomfort in her chest internal left. Neck is more generalized discomfort, not necessarily on the right, but maybe she’s not aware of it. Jaw and teeth are tight and sensitive at times. Left arm/shoulder she hasn’t really noticed, but her upper shoulder (closer to neck) she has discomfort. Left leg she felt energy for a few seconds around 5:25pm During the procedure. Definitely has felt abdominal flutters and cramps frequently."

190) 19/2/21 Email sent to client: " Hi, do you have these issues: Chest internal (mild), left arm, right shoulder, neck left, right jaw/teeth, past hemorrhoids"

Emailed response: "Chest yes. Used to be chronic but that’s since mainly gone away after doing somatic therapy. Now it’s occasional and mild. General tightness in jaw—both sides. Right now my neck is stiff—right, left and back. Yes hemorrhoids - I believe I still have them, but very mild and only flaring up from time to time"

191) 29/2/21- Email sent to client: "Do you have any of these physical issues?: Right side of head toward back (headaches?), breathing sleeping issue- especially left side, teeth/jaw left side, right shoulder/neck, stomach center (could be recent acid or indigestion?), below navel internal toward right, left leg/hip, Past co vid 19, anxiety! Lower back right side."

Emailed reply: "....The headaches, hip, pain below navel, shoulder and anxiety issues I definitely have (i am not an anxious person, but the last years of ............ issues made me anxious). I am seeing a physiotherapist for the back/neck issues....."

Response sent: "Is the hip left side? Are headaches right side? Is shoulder right side? Is lower back right side?

Emailed response: "Yes, that is accurate."

192) 9/3/21- Email sent :"Hi, do you have any of these physical issues: Left leg or foot, left jaw/teeth, neck left side, lower back issue, torso internal below navel, past co vid."

Email response: "Torso internal below navel- absolutely. Lower back- yes. Jaw and neck- not specifically left side but yes I do have some pain there. No past covid..... Right now I am wearing shoes that are hurting my left foot ......I had a stomach virus about 2 weeks ago." (Often what is seen in the lead as co-vid is another virus).

193), 194):  23/3/21 - Email received: "Dear Daniel, I hope this email finds you well. I'm absolutely fascinated by what you did to me and my family last week. I can't thank you enough and how actually precise you are with your findings my son has- I think- quite bad dyslexia- and my daughter suffers from weight lower back et cetera problems- as you know does my husband, and I wish you hag sameach to you and your family and I'll be in contact soon...."

195) 06/04/21 Email sent to client: "Hi, Does she have the following physical issues: Lower back pain, spine issue, breathing/sleeping issue, left leg/foot neck both sides"

Email received: "Yes, my wife has the following symptoms: 1. Lower back pain as a result of two bizarre falls down the stairs this year, striking her lower back in the same place each time 2. Stiffness and joint pain in her left knee, like arthritis, which suddenly began in September of this year 3. She doesn't have a breathing issue, but does wake often at night, and has trouble sleeping because of anxiety, fluctuating body temperature, and bad dreams 4. She doesn't have neck pain, but a pulled pectoral muscle (right below neck), causing pain on both sides, as a result of a third fall down same stairs on Chol Hamoed! The neck is sometimes stiff from compensating for pulled muscle...Perhaps this is what the neck pain is indicating?"

196) 11/4/21- Client told on phone :"Back (you told me), left leg (maybe also right), upper chest right side, lower torso left, teeth left side"

On phone she says "Yes he has pain in left leg, he has asthma (upper chest right) and he has teeth problems......" 

197) 12/4/21  Email sent to client: "Hi do you have the following issues: Extreme anxiety, chest internal especially left side up to shoulder, left leg, torso above navel left side, below navel internal middle."

Client responds on the phone: "I have tinnitus linked to anxiety sparked from a very traumatic event. I have an enlarged prostate, and a fatty liver and my left ankle is unexplainably sore at the moment. I also feel acid or discomfort in chest area."

198) 15/4/21 - Email sent to client: "Do you have the following issues: Teeth left side/left jaw, Lower back, Left leg (also right leg but less so) past/present hemorrhoids, below navel internal"

Emailed response: "Left jaw. Lower back...." ...."You were right on the pain in the left leg and a little on the right side." Below navel internal also confirmed in detail by email."

199) 27//4/21- Email sent to client: "Left jaw, Right jaw, lower chest right side, internal above navel internal (maybe below navel as well), left leg"

Emailed response: "Left jaw and right jaw I got 2 new crowns. Chest- just got over pneumonia......I usually get prostate infections but BH nothing serious but it's weird how my lower back hurts when it gets inflamed and my leg sometimes."

"So the lead was 100% accurate...?" "Pretty much...."

200) 3/5/21: Email sent: "Neck/jaw left side lower back breathing/sleeping issue left shoulder anxiety"

Emailed response: "I believe he has all of those"

201) 25/5/21 Email received after procedure (and list sent): "Hi, Here's what showed up: Mental issue/anxiety- yes Upper neck right side- no Left jaw/teeth- yes internal around navel height or below- yes"

202) 27/5/21 Back issue, teeth left side, left jaw, right shoulder, all accurately identified and confirmed by client on phone.

203) 28/5/21- Email sent to client: "Hi, Things you didn't mention in the list: Lower back, left jaw/teeth left side. Is left leg cramps worse than right? Does he have these issues?"

Emailed response from client: "Wow, yes to everything"

204) 4/6/21 Email sent: "Do you have these issues: Right shoulder/neck left jaw /teeth left side anxiety top of left leg or lower torso left side"

Emailed response: "Yes all the above"

205) 4/6/21 Email sent: "Hi- Does she have these issues: Lower back left shoulder top of back base of neck teeth left side left leg"

Emailed response: "Yes to all"

206) 7/6/21 Emial sent: "Hi, Do you have the following issues: Neck/shoulder right Neck/shoulder left middle back chest middle (could even be recent indigestion) breathing/sleeping issue left leg (signs of right leg as well)........do you have a stiff neck at the moment?..... Oh- also teeth left side -I forgot"

Emailed reply: "I have.... lower back pain. Yes, to some indigestion. Maybe some snoring. Have some pain in my left foot toe joints..... Neck. Also a small tooth pain possible cavity (left side)"

207) 7/6/21 Email sent: "Hi does your wife have these issues: Mental/anxiety (we know) top of both legs (hips) left side worse/left leg, neck left side, front of face/mouth center right, chest internal, above navel internal, below navel internal (we know) lower torso left side"

Email received: "Yes anxiety. Back pain right behind hip. Little tightness on neck. Has a cough., Has an umbilical hernia. Cramping and bleeding"

208) 10/6/21 Email sent: "Chest internal, above navel internal, right arm/shoulder, torso left side"

Email received: "Yes to all the pains....."

209) 11/6/21 Email sent: "Hi do you have the following issues: Left leg/foot, right shoulder, teeth left, lower back, front of face/nose/mouth, above navel internal, skin issue, left eye"

Emailed response:   "Left leg/foot- no, right shoulder- yes, teeth left-.... I had an implant put in half a year ago, lower back- yes, front of face/nose/mouth- yes, above navel internal- yes, skin issue- no rashes, however I do get hormonal acne on my face, left eye- no (but right eye yes)"

-Around 80% accurate.

210) 11/6/21- Email sent: "None of this serious ch v' just discomfort: left ear, left jaw, right foot, left shoulder, chest internal"

Emailed response: "I would say yes to all. Not sure about foot."

211) 29/6/21 Email sent: "Hi, Does he have these issues: Left ear/jaw/teeth, stomach around navel middle/left side, left leg/foot, chest internal/breathing/sleeping"

Email response: "left ear/jaw/teeth - no (-but this is subsequently confirmed by phone to be a left cheek issue), stomach- yes, around navel middle/left side-yes, left leg/foot-no, chest internal/breathing/sleeping-yes"

212) 5/8/21- During live procedure in London, Rav Hool accurately identifies from the lead, issues with: Teeth right, lower chest, right shoulder, lower back, right leg, anxiety.

213) 13/8/21 Email sent: 'Significant simanim of ayin horah: Does she have these issues: left shoulder- DEFINITELY SOMETHING THERE!! upper back, chest internal center (maybe acid or indigestion), throat, breathing/sleeping, issue skin, issue left leg/hip (small issue)' Emailed reply: 'DEFINITELY TENSION IN BACK........ HAS HAD MANY PROBLEMS WITH TONSILS, INFECTIONS ETC'

214) 13/8/21- Email sent after multiple remote procedures for a family: ''...as you can see - the lead is pretty accurate even from thousands of miles away..........''

Emailed response: 'Yes exactly'

215) 6/9/21 Email sent to client: "Hi- Do you have these issues: Right leg, above navel internal going down from left to right side, breathing/sleeping issue, teeth left side or left side of head"

Emailed response:   "I guess with the right leg I kick with that leg when I sleep. Navel Internal- is quite remarkable as I have an Inguinal hernia that was repaired when I was 9 and sometimes I have pain from that. Breathing/sleeping issue is something that I mentioned to you before. Left side of the head is also spot on as I have that ear gets clogged very often and sometimes I get stiff pains"

216) 10/10/21- Email sent: "Stiff neck especially left side? Left jaw/teeth? Upper chest/throat? Small issue left leg?"

Email received: "Yup, unbelievable. Muscle pain neck from sleeping wrong way.

Teeth (left side) -Have appointment dentist on the 28th. Has to fix error(He put a crown but there's a piece of tin in between which showed by xray.)

Upper chest throat is my GERD that has returned. Need antacids.

Left leg yes had prostate infection which hurts my (left) leg and lower muscles."

217) 29/11/21 Email sent: ".....do you have the following physical issues?: Teeth/jaw left side, headaches, left hip, chest internal left side, above navel internal, anxiety."

Emailed reply: "Teeth jaw....... I have had a lot of extractions already. I had a headache when chatting to you today........ Left side (chest) yes had mastectomy last month, I have recently started to feel a little anxious....Yes the left leg was worse (than right leg). And you are right about the issues above my navel as I have a lot of stomach issues. Again lately I have been unusually anxious."

218) 06/12/21 Email sent: "Hi Do you have these current issues: Left Jaw/teeth upper back between shoulder blades (below back of head from right side) neck left lower back left hip/leg or below navel internal left side lower chest internal right side (acid/indigestion?)"

Email received: "Yes, all are a yes at different times….

(R'Hool replies)"Are there any other recurring physical issues I didn't mention?"

"No you covered them all, they sort of come and go, upper back between shoulder blades is constant, internal chest lower right side I get sometimes I wonder what it is, left jaw-slight, left neck yes, left hip I get severe pain every so often then disappears, indigestion I had for first time last Thursday was quite uncomfortable."

219) 10/12/21 -Email sent: "Hi Do you have these issues: left jaw/teeth upper back between shoulder blades left leg (maybe also right) ANXIETY! lower back chest internal and maybe also a small issue with both arms"

Email received: "left jaw/teeth - YES upper back between shoulder blades - YES left leg (maybe also right) YES ANXIETY! YES!!!! lower back YES chest internal – don’t know, and maybe also a small issue with both arms mostly the right arm"

220) 11/01/22- Email sent "Hi, Do you have these physical issues: left jaw/teeth left hip neck right side below navel internal towards right side right shoulder/arm maybe also issue with right leg"

Emailed response:

"Yes, I do." (email sent:"all of them?") "Yes".

221) 25/4/22 Email sent: "Hi do you have the following issues: back issue left shoulder neck extreme anxiety lower torso internal around navel height middle and right"

Emailed response: "110% on all of them.. That’s amazing I cannot thank you enough. Hopefully this will mark a turning point with Hashem’s help! Best regards,..."

He explains he has a lacerated liver middle and right side and he sleeps with a ball under his left shoulder because of shoulder problem... 

222) 19/5/22 Email sent to client: "Do you have any of these physical issues: Left Jaw/teeth left side, neck left, above stomach internal middle, possible headaches?"

Emailed reply: "Left side of teeth yes, neck no, stomach yes and once in a while headaches..."

He explains on the phone that he did the procedure mainly for the stomach issue and he also has a major issue with the teeth on the left side- with a swollen left jaw....

223) 14/6/22 Email sent to client: "Hi do you have these issues: Left foot/leg!....."

Response: "My left foot below knee has been bothering me over the last few days ...."

Reply: "..yes that was the main thing that showed up -which is why I put it first and with an exclamation mark...."

Response: "Yes, that’s amazing. It bothering me since Shabbos, like a weird restless pain...."