126) 25/1/21- Email received about the kamayoh: "I gave it to my wife to wear when she was in acute pain from a twisted hernia and with Hashem's kindness it ‘miraculously’ sorted itself overnight."

127) 7/2/21- Rav Hool was approached by client who told him: "I did the procedure for the exams I kept failing and immediately after the procedure I passed them all and there was great improvement in many other areas as well! Thank you so much!"

128) 22/2/21 - Email received from client: "Rav- Amazing. I only need now to pay 2 months rent. I was down 6 months and BH now down to 2....... Your procedure has helped a lot in other ways more than one....."

129) 07/3/21 - Email received "Boruch Hashem generally my symptoms are a lot better since Purim,....... With many thanks, KolTuv...."

130) 11/3/21 -Email received: "Hi Rabbi Hool, We hope all is well! My sister in law mentioned she told you the good news about my job. Even though I had signed a contract, my wife and I were debating about whether or not to tell you before I actually started (Apr 12). But of course we were looking forward to telling you once it was real!!"

131) 30/3/21- Email received from client after asking if his anxiety has decreased since procedure: "B"H there is a decrease...."

132) 30/3/21- Client ordering procedure for father is asked if the procedure helped his mother. He responds: "B'H' she had a real quick recovery ...actually!"

133), 134) 14/4/21- Email received from client who had procedures for two separate people :"Thanks bH things are starting to improve…"

135) 26/4/21- Rav Hool receives phonecall telling him "It was really quite amazing, my wife's mother has been ill for many years now, and almost immediately after the procedure (the next day!) she had a dramatic change for the good. The past 4 months have been the best for her for many years...and she didn't even know we did the procedure for her (so it wasn't the placebo affect!)" Here is the email received from his wife: "Hi Doniel. I want to update you on the status of my relative. A few days after the removal of the ayin harah she went to the hospital and was there for a few days. I immediately thought it was a way to clear out her system from the ayin harah. Since then she did not go back to the hospital for 5 months which is really a great accomplishment because she was going at least once a month to the hospital right before this. She was sick and in the hospital again at around the 5 month mark. Baruch Hashem it was relatively quick and she is feeling better again now. Thank you for your help ("How long was she going to the hospital every month before we did the procedure??") "Close to two years she was in the hospital that often. But the illness has been going on for about 7 or so years and she very often was sent to the hospital throughout that time."

136) 27/4/21- Email received from client: "I saw yehsuos BH......"

137) 19/5/21 Email received "Hi Rabbi Hool, Are you currently offering treatments? We spoke two years ago and I’ve benefitted tremendously. It’s hard for me to fully describe...."

138) 27/5/21 Email received from someone who had been told about us by a friend: "My friend....... told me she has had a lot of improvement and shared her experience."

139) 1/6/21 Email received from client: " Yes, I have seen an improvement....."

140) 1/6/21 Email received: "Yes she’s very happy with the results......"

141) 2/6/21 Email received: "There has been improvement Boruch Hashem. I am keeping up (with the mitzvah)."

142) 3/6/21 Email received from client who recommended us: ".......I ended up going for an epidural which seems to have relieved 90 percent of my symptoms Boruch Hashem."

143) 3/6/21 Email received: "My husband seems calmer already and we have been taking steps to help in his healing as well. He says the 11 (pessukim)lines everyday and keeps his mitzvah he took on himself."

144) 17/6/21 - Rav Hool is told by a woman who was suffering from debilitating migraines for 10 years (!!) (she had around two migraines a week!)- "B'H' (shortly after the procedure)- this is the first week I haven't had any migrain at all!!" She also says that since the procedure- the time she had a migrain- she received "a new painkiller that B'H' finally worked!" (We have explained that sometimes the procedure -besides bringing a cure- can be also be the key to finally find the correct medicine for a physical ailment").......Rav Hool meets her again three weeks after procedure and she still claims "it's amazing B'H'".....

145) 21/6/21 Email received: ".....want to share that my daughter..... is now a Kallah – my heart tells me that inexplicable blockages that bizarrely seemed to be in the way have mysteriously disappeared, something I attribute to your efforts and Tefilos....."

146) 21/6/21 Email received: "...As for myself, I have noticed something very different. My throat usually closes up at different times when I eat and drink. I get so nervous I spend several times a day trying to work through choking. I have not had that since the procedure so far BH. And it should stay that way and continue to improve. Amen"

147) 24/6/21 Email received: "BH I've seen yeshuos with your procedure. Now my other daughter is engaged BH.......When you did it last time when I owed 6 months rent and I was to be evicted, BH I was able to pay off in full the amount owed and avoid eviction."

148) 28/6/21 Email received 5 months after procedure: "....I was prone to attacks of gout in the big toe on my left foot. Since the procedure I have not had an attack at all. I have been wearing my kamaya, saying the pasukim and adhering to my small commitments 100%......"

149) 5/8/21- Rav Hool meets client from many months prior who shows him he is wearing the kamayoh. He then say "Yes, Boruch Hashem there were yeshuos after the procedure!"

150) 5/8/21 - Rav Hool meets client who's wife suffered multiple consecutive misscarriages before doing the lead procedure. He tells Rav Hool that B'H' she is due to give birth in a few days IYH.