Please click on these links to hear inspiring (half hour) lectures in English -unrelated to ayin horah-from Rav Doniel Hool

Below is the photograph relating to the amazing story at the end of the shiur (40:15) : 

The true, terrifying documented and detailed account of a baal teshuvah who describes exactly what happened to him in Heaven when he faced judgment before the 'Heavenly court' for his sins. This exact account was revealed in a dream over 350 years ago.

Email received after someone listened to this lecture: "Woe- very powerful, very real It was a big חיזוק I want you should know the first time I feel in a shmooze someone is talking to me."

A few weeks later- same person writes "Hi rabbi thanks so much for the חיזוק on שמרית עינים I have a clear Mind I don’t feel disgusting about myself" 

(listen from 22:30 seconds to hear a beautiful explanation why women make a brochoh 'Sheasani Kirtzono' in the morning!)

Yedias Hashem and Bechiras Ho'odom (G-d knowing the future does not affect man's free choice)- 31 minutes.

The fantastic explanation of the Shloh Hakodosh (Which he says is also the mehalech of the Ramban)

An inspiring lecture about the Yad Hashem with some hilarious true stories that happened to Rav Hool.

There is no video clip yet