Point to Ponder:

The saintly Ba'al Shem Tov  teaches that skin blemishes
on the face or body can be caused by an Ayin Horah.


$130 ‎─‎ Procedure to remove Ayin Horah for one person.

$150 ‎─‎ Purchase the Kamayoh.

10 ‎─‎ Shipping cost for the Kamayoh.

Payment for your procedure or to purchase a Kamayoh may be made via Paypal.
The email address to pay for Rav Hool's procedure (via paypal) or a Kamayoh is  dons77@gmail.com.

If you pay via paypal be sure to click on 'pay for products and services' not 'pay family and friends'.You will receive a confirmation of payment by email (which will normally be within 24 hours).

To Contact us:

1. Please enter your name here.

2. Please enter your email address here.

3. If you are requesting the removal of an Ayin Horah, please provide your phone number here, so that Rav Hool can speak with you before doing the Ayin Horah removal procedure.

4. Do you have any questions or concerns? You may well have had a troubling time, and it's only natural that you might want some reassurance before the removal procedure. Please use this message box to
ask us any questions you may have ‎─‎ we are confident that you will find Rav Hool's wisdom
and guidance to have a calming influence.

Once you have contacted us, we will respond to you by email (usually within 24 hrs) and let you know when the procedure can be performed for you,
or how to receive the Kamayoh.

Note →‎ Any emails that you receive from Rav Hool
will come from dons77@gmail.com, so if you use
a spam filter, please add this email address to your
filter's 'white-list' to make sure you receive email.

If you don't like using forms and you'd prefer to
send an email directly to Rav Hool, please email
dons77@gmail.com and write "Ayin Horah"
in the Subject Line of the email.

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