`101) 17/8/20- Email received from client: "As far as the procedure goes, I wanted to wait for a little time to pass before emailing you to be sure if I felt any changes. My bouts with insomnia has definitely stopped & I do sleep a lot better. Also I think overall my energy level has also improved so thank you!...Also I forgot to mention about my face blemishes that I tried something new, like you suggested to me, a new method that seems to be clearing it up gradually, finally! Very happy to report that!"

102) 19/8/20 -Emailed received from client: "As requested I am giving you an update. BH since you did the removal of the AH for me I have had alot more energy, no migraines and I have actually started to lose some of the excess weight I was carrying...iyH more to follow!!

103) 02/9/20- Email received from client: "Well, it looks like the procedure certainly moved things on in the right direction..."

104) 06/9/20 Email received "Right after you did it last time I started to feel myself again and felt things starting to opening up for me...." Admittedly, the client then goes on to say 'but that only lasted a short time...' however, she could well have received new ayin horah after the procedure, and she had not received the kamayoh for protection from new ayin horah -after the procedure.

105) 15/9/20 Email received: "B’H the pain in my left shoulder and neck is easing off after intensifying a lot, but there still is quite a bit of discomfort. I’ve also noticed that I have become much calmer, less tense. My wife noticed it and told me that it first started last Wednesday, the day you did the procedure.......... ........has also been very calm. He actually davened Mincha and Maariv last Shabbos with a minyan, which he has not done for a long time."

106) 17/9/20 - Phone call received: "You did the procedure for my son who kept having repeated fever, and the doctors couldn't understand it. Everything B'H passed right after your procedure, so please can you do a procedure for my husband..."

107) 5/10/20 - A man contacted Rav Hool requesting the procedure after doctors told him he has a growth in his stomach and will need chemotherapy and the removal of his entire stomach r'l'. On 5/10/20 Rav Hool recieved a phone call stating that after the procedure with the lead, the diagnosis was drastically changed and he had a successful operation to remove the tumor alone which left about 65% of healthy stomach tissue. The two bouts of chemotherapy are also not needed B'H'.

108) 19/10/20 - Phonecall received from client who reports his child Boruch Hashem had big improvement after procedure.....

109) 21/10/20- On May 3rd we received the following email: "My father's situation took a really bad turn and he’s extremely critical now we don’t know how much longer he has...." Today we received an email: ".....regarding my father who was in critical condition from corona I wanted to share with you good news- BH he’s home doing much better still has a slow recovery but thank God he’s home and he’s functioning. We are tremendously grateful!"

110) 25/10/20- Email received: "B’H we are now a few weeks on from the procedure and a number of things have really improved. As mentioned below, I am generally much much calmer and able to deal with things much more easily. This has lead (!) to a really big improvement in our marriage situation – really big. I can’t thank you enough for this! (I am b’H keeping up the pesukim and kabbolas mitzva.)

111) 4/11/20 - Rav Hool is told on the phone "I hadn't told you this -but since the procedure you did for me -specifically the anxiety issue- it's much better!"

112) 8/11/20 After success of procedure last week, client orders another procedure for his friend. When asked how he is feeling since procedure he replies: "I have a little more simchas haChaim! Boruch Hashem I feel more rachamim helping me function...."

113) 10/11/20- Email received shortly after procedure: "Wow! Thanks! Yes BH feel better !!!"- On the phone he says "I feel like a new person!!"

114) 11/11/20- Email received:"BH parnasa is better. Things are moving in the right direction with Hashem's help! A shiduch just came up for my son and i"yH we see where it goes....."

115) 11/11/20 -Email received day after procedure: "BH A........ is doing much better"

116) 26/11/20- Client tells Rav Hool on phone after procedure: "Actually..... I'm feeling a little less anxious now"

117) 26/11/20 - Email received a few days after procedure: "BH Things are starting to improve...." The procedure was for parnossoh, client details in email -multiple opportunities that have opened up....

118)- 27/11/20- Email received within 12 hours of procedure! : "Hi Rabbi Daniel, I have noticed the following improvements: The UTI I have been experiencing recently has improved greatly. Instead of the cloudy and strange smelling urine I was getting, it is now running clearer with better flow. My lower abdomen pains have decreased markedly. My skin problem on the arm is less reddish, the area affected is decreasing and far less itchy. The discomfort on the left side of my mouth is gone. The cough due to the chest problem has gone now. The main discomfort I notice now is in the upper left ribcage, particularly when I lay down. Thank you again....."

119) - 30/11/20- Email received two weeks after procedure: "Hi Rav Hool, I wanted to be in touch with you and let you know how I am doing. I baruch Hashem and doing well, and I think the procedure worked well. I wanted to perhaps pay for the procedure for at least one other person....."

120)- 3/12/20 - Email received a month after procedure: "Let me say it this way: Nothing has gotten worse, which is a big deal since so many things have been going wrong! There are some things in process that may be a yeshua, so I am hopeful...."

121) 11/1/21 Email received : "...BH when you did it last time I saw much improvement and I made chasunah BH...."

122), 123), 13/1/21 Email sent to client: "Have you seen any improvement since we did the procedure for you?" Email received: "Yes bH, and also our family friend is doing better bH. Apparently you are the כהן - שליח השם Mentioned in the פסוק...."

124) Email received 24 hours after procedure: "I definitely woke up this morning with no headache, which I’ve been having all the time, my shoulder and neck is still hurting but not as much as yesterday and before. Hopefully it will continue improving."

125) Email received 3 days after procedure: "B"H, I saw a yeshua where I've received 63% of the 15000$ that I need. I still need to cover the 15000$. I daven to receive it. B"H my neck is better."