51) 23/09/19- Rav Hool receives call from client who had procedure for parnossoh: "Shortly after you did it- I had a tremendous breakthrough!"

52) 26/09/19 - Email received from client who had remote procedure on 21/09/19 (four days ago) who was suffering from mulitiple ailments: "Just letting you know the kamiah came today. Very quick!! Thanks. And BH I’m feeling very good!! No pains at the moment so BH. Thanks!!"

53) 28/10/19- Phone call received from father who ordered procedure for his daughter two months prior "The was a definate improvement after the procedure..."

54) 29/10/19- Rav Hool meets client who had procedure a few months beforehand. He tells Rav Hool: "Yes, Boruch Hashem there was a definate improvement after the procedure".

55) 03/11/19- email sent and received from client: "Hi, Here's what showed up: Anxiety, left arm or left side of torso elbow height, right shoulder, chest internal, right leg. I did my best to deal with it all-please let me know if she has any issues in the above and also when there is improvement IYH Best, Doniel" Reply: "Thank you! All was true. She started feeling somewhat better within a short time of when you did it."

56) 08/11/19- Client calls Rav Hool, when asked if there was improvement soon after last procedure he replies: "Boruch Hashem- definately an uptick in parnossoh!"

57) 09/11/19- Voice message received "She had a blood test the day after (the procedure) and there seems to be- Boruch Hashem- some improvement, obviously we know it's all with Siyyatah Dishmayah and all the yad Hashem,.... we appreciate everything you've done- a 'groiseh shkoach'!"

58) 19/11/19- Rav Hool receives voicemail "I just wanted to give you a 'besuroh tova'- .......... has Boruch Hashem been doing 'fabulously!' since we had been in touch with you in the beginning....." This was a young woman with no job in a terrible mental state who refused to take medication for her condition. She is now happy, holding down two jobs, she is in demand as a teacher, and all this without medication.

59) 22/11/19- Email received from son whose mother had procedure two weeks ago "Mother spoke very well of it, she is doing good."

60) 24/11/19- Rav Hool receives email: "Thanks- I’m feeling more positive thank G-d and my right foot pain has totally gone away which is amazing thanks."

61) 09/12/19- Email received from client ordering another procedure for his relative, responding to query if his procedure worked: "B”H I had improvement......Yes I think it worked....there were parnossoh issues, sholom bayis issues and health issues"

62) 31/12/19- Rav Hool receives phone call, from mother of client who had the lead procedure specifically for an important genetic testing procedure, where doctors had to find something very specific in a short period of time. She tells Rav Hool "Boruch Hashem- we had a big yeshuoh in that area!"

63) 1/1/20 - Email received from client who lost his kamiah and wants a replacement. We ask him by email: "Were there improvements in your life since we did the procedure?" His emailed response: "Yes, BH, and I want to keep this extra shmira going BEZH."

64)- 05/1/20- Email received within 12 hours after procedure- for serious complex physical and emotional problems that had continued for over 8 months: "It worked........Thanks"

65) -12/01/20 - Email received from client who had the procedure 10 days ago: "Rabbi Hool, In follow-up to our session, the days after I felt as if I was going through a detox, I felt a purity of heart and clarity of mind. I am feeling a deep sense of menuchas hanefesh ongoing to date."

66, 67, 68, ) 29/01/20- Emailed received 24 hours after procedures for husband, wife and son: "Hi Rabbi Daniel my son had some of the symptoms you described and did feel a bit better/happier today my sleeping and my wife's has improved and we hope to see more improvement over the next few days With much appreciation."

69) 30/1/20 - Before procedure client emails Rav Hool: "....for over 20 years very little has gone right for me permanently. As something is going in my favour, something goes wrong. This has been the pattern professionally, socially, physically and mentally and emotionally." Today, he sends the following email (2 weeks after procedure): "Boker Tov Rabbi Hool, My new daily routine is up and running well. So far so good. The reason I waited an extra week to contact you is for the 1st week I did not see or feel any improvements / changes. A few of the ailments have started to improve and I am hoping with a bit more time the balance will follow suite. Shabbat Shalom,..."

70) 09/02/20 - Rav Hool receives phonecall: "I had pain in my legs for days- to the extent I couldn't walk. I woke up in the morning after the procedure and the pain has B'H' completely disappeared!"

71) 13/02/20- client tells Rav Hool on the phone immediately after procedure :"My neck was indeed hurting before the procedure- but the pain seems to have disappeared!"

72) 16/02/20- Email received from client "By the way, no big change physically but the day after you did the procedure:1) I got a ticket to Israel for pesach, 2) I got confirmation of 'Ok' from book publisher. Neither a suprise, but the timing was interesting."

73) -16/02/20 Email received from client: "...After the ayin hora removal for my wife, she felt really great and was feeling much better in the side effects that you mentioned......" (This is a further improvement of client no 68 above).

74) 24/03/20- Email received from 26 year old girl waiting for a shidduch:"I wanted to let you know that I bH got engaged on purim."- This was 3 months and 3 days after procedure.