1) If you want to order the procedure or the kamayoh, please send an email to dons77@gmail.com (or use the contact form on the pricing page). We will then send you a paypal link for payment. Please follow the link- you can use any credit card and you do not need a paypal account to pay. If you change your mind, please just ignore the paypal request.

You can also go directly to www.paypal.com (to avoid waiting and ensure the earliest place in the que for the procedure) and pay to email dons77@gmail.com selecting 'products and services' (not 'family and friends').

2) As soon as you have paid, we will send you an email (usually within 6 hours) confirming payment and we will notify you as soon as possible when we think the procedure can be done for you.

3) Once you receive a day and time we will email you ten minutes before the procedure if you are having the procedure for yourself. If you are ordering the procedure for someone else you do not need to be in contact with us at the time of the procedure.

4) Please email us the Hebrew name of the client and their mother's Hebrew name.

5) At the time of the procedure, you will please have your kabolas mitzvah ready (See "the Kaboloh" tab above) and then say the first paragraph of shema (until uvishorechah) having as much kavonoh as you can on the first line 'Shema Yisroel' to be mekabel ol malchus shomayim.

6) You will then please say the eleven pessukim (below) -saying the first possuk -'nega tzoraas' three times, the other ten- once. Say the name of Hashem 'A-Do-Noy' where applicable in the pessukim. These pessukim are compiled by the Chidah ztz'l and please have in mind that the Holy Shem Hameforash is hidden inside them.

7) Rav Hool will then contact you by email/phone and tell you what he sees in the lead. Please email back confirming or otherwise after you receive the results by email.