Some people may be concerned about whether this procedure is muttar (permissible) to do. It is worthwhile remembering that the Tzemach Tzeddek ztz'l (who is quoted in Mishna Brurah!) allows heating the lead up on shabbos to try and heal someone using this method.

We also have the written haskomoh of the Av Beis din- Moresh D'asra of Ramat Shlomo, Harav Hagaon Rav Mattisyahu Doitch shlita (who was a talmid of The Steipler ztz'l, and R'Shlomo Zalman Aurbach ztz'l) and is one of the biggest poskim in Eretz Yisroel.

Furthermore Hagaon Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher ztz'l, sent hundreds to do this procedure, as did Hagaon Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapira ztz'l. Rav Hool has also been personally encouraged to do this procedure by Hagaon Rav David Abuhazera shlita of Nahariah.

Furthermore, we have reliable information that the godol-Posek-Hador-Hagaon Rav Elyashiv ztz'l had the procedure done for himself many times.....

A sefer describing this method has the written haskomoh of Rav Ovadiah Yosef ztz'l.

Indeed, some of our clients have been some of the greatest Roshey Yeshivos in the world.



For those who wish to understand the reasoning of why it is permissible we present the following detailed t'shuvoh (responsa) authored by Harav Eliezer Hool Shlita, explaining the differences between witchcraft, divination and Darkey Ho'emori etc. according to rishonim and achronim. It proves emphatically that lead pouring is in no way a violation- chas vesholom- of 'Tomim Tiheyeh Im Hashem Elokechoh" or any other issurim.

Although the discussion is specifically about the pendulum, 'lead pouring' can be classified as 'Darkey Ha'Emori' which is clearly permissible for a refuoh. 


Click Here for the responsa.


The following is an email sent by Rav Hool to someone who argues with the rabbonim who permit this procedure. We suggest you read it before you send us comments about why you think the procedure is forbidden :

"Hi....., Please understand I know nothing about you. I receive emails from Jews and non-Jews alike. Of the Jews- some are Haredi, some mizrahi, reform, conservative, liberal, and some just hate Haredi Rabbis because they once had a tooth painfully extracted by a Haredi dentist. Please do not be offended that I have no idea which category you are in.

I spend time writing the following because I suspect you genuinely want to arrive at the truth. One thing though- is crystal clear to me. From what you wrote in your last email it is clear you have not gone through the presented halachik analysis presented on my website.

This can only be for one of two reasons: 1) You lack the skill set and experience to read and fully comprehend the points made by Rav Eliezer Hool shlita (my brother). The second option is 2) You indeed do have the ability to read and fully comprehend what he wrote, but you just have not bothered to carefully/critically go through it before arriving at your conclusion: "it’s very difficult to permit it"

If the truth is no 1) above, then you arguing halachikaly with The Tzemach Tzeddek ztz'l (quoted by Mishna Brurah), Rav David Abuhazera shlita (Rav Rashi of Naharia) and Rav Mattisyahu Doitch shlita (dayan of Badatz, and Av Beis din of Ramat Shlomo) who have both instructed me to do the procedure- is like a toddler in nappies challenging an Olympic sprinter to a race.

If no 2) is the truth, then you arguing halachikaly with the above poskim, without examining what we present in the responsa- is like a sprinter with his hands and legs tied- challenging an Olympic sprinter to a race. Even if you have indeed studied the reasoning and proofs from my brother's responsa, I will need to hear what your halachik credentials are, who'm you received semicha from, whom you did shimush by, and the reasons you disagree with what my brother wrote, before I can take what you write remotely seriously.

All the points you raise are dealt with in the responsa, and I would love to hear why you think my brother shlita- is wrong. Furthermore, I state multiple times on my website that I never attempt to reveal the future by doing the procedure, I just reveal the present.

Here is a classic example of how you have made a colossal mistake because you simply have not read all the sources: When you write about Rambam: "nevertheless he found it absurd to suggest that any of these have power over man and it’s fools and women and kids who think that way (M”T A”Z 11:16)." -This is a huge mistake. The Rambam actually says something that sounds similar to what you wrote, but is profoundly different to what you understand. Rambam actually says "anyone who believe's that 'even though these things are full of chochma, but the Torah forbade them nevertheless'- is a fool" Rambam does NOT say there is no chochma in them at all!

(On careful examination of these words of Rambam it is clear Rambam actually means as follows: He is a fool because he fails to realise these things-kosem and menachesh etc- are abundant in sheker as well as chochmah, i.e. he thinks there is only emess and chochmah in them and yet the Torah still forbade them, when in reality he doesn't realise there is not only chochmah in them but they come full of sheker as well, and it is because of the sheker in them that the Torah forbade them! In short- you are only a fool if you fail to realise the Torah forbade them because of the sheker in them!

Rambam goes on to explain that the sheker is that the secular practitioners of these things falsely claim that there are powers other than G-d, and worst still- they claim that by appeasing these 'powers' the future can be changed!)   

Indeed Rambam himself writes that a kosem is usually right in his predictions (Sefer HaMitzvos, L'S' 31), and the only difference between a kosem and novi is that a novi is always right but the kosem is only correct 90% of the time (Yesodey haTorah 10.3)!!!!!-

So Rambam says explicitly there is indeed some chochma in kishuf and kosem, as mentioned multiple times in the talmud.

By Rambam including Kosem in the list of supernatural things that are 'sheker' we now clearly see what Rambam means by 'sheker'- I.E. it is not 100% reliable and it is used by idol worshippers to claim the events are caused by avodah zoroh.

So when you only know half the facts, your conclusions are worse than useless.

I will finish by quoting the Chinuch Mitzvah 495- So you can see where I am coming from: "..Someone who transgresses this and does not listen to the gedolim (of chochma) of the generation- in everything that they instruct, is mevatel this 'mitzvas asey' and his punishment is extremely great, because this is the mighty pillar that the whole Torah leans upon, this is obvious to anyone who has any mind at all......"

Therefore, for you to arrive at a halachik conclusion that argues with the gedolei haposkim of your time, without you carefully going through the proofs and sources they rely upon, and without you being as great as them in halachik stature, is- arrogant, laughable, stupid and gravely wrong.

I really don't wish to offend you, however there is no other way I can relay the above to you in a softer fashion. I welcome your reasoning how I have erred in the above.

Best, Doniel."