176) 1/01/22 - Email received :"Hi Rabbi Hool, Amen to your beautiful brachos! We wanted to share with you that Baruch HaShem the tests came back clear and the symptoms have subsided substantially. We are still davening, but we wanted to let you know and express our hakaras hatov to the Rav."

177) - 18/1/22 Rav Hool receives a call from client ordering a second procedure. He relates that his wife was in the ICU and Baruch Hashem she made a full recovery shortly after the lead procedure. So he wants to order another procedure for someone else...

178) 22/2/22 Email received: "“My father successfully sold his business in the mid-2000s. He was to retire and invest the proceeds in various ways. None of which appeared to be overly risky. For the following 16 years, he had nothing but grief. It felt like he was constantly swimming against the tide. The investments nearly bankrupt him. The situation was so dire he contemplated suicide on many occasions. In the summer of 2021, he went to see Rav Hool. Shortly after, the tide started to turn. All the investments that had been a disaster changed direction in a very positive way. His stress disappeared, and he started for the first time in nearly 20 years, enjoying his retirement. I’m a cynic and don’t believe in things I can’t prove. However, this was either a 1 in a million coincidence or something else I can’t explain.”

179) 07/03/22 Email received: "Good morning, After 5+ years of ongoing custody battles, the lawyer who fought and caused endless difficulties for our family suddenly resigned from the case early this morning... חסדי ה' כי לא תמו Everybody involved is simply stumped, unable to find any rational for the sudden ישועה. Needless to say that I have not shared with them the process of הסרת עין הרע that I underwent by you last night."

180) 8/3/22 Email received: "Just wanted to share a besurah tova with the Ruv. My daughter BH is expecting a child after 3 years...."

181) 27/3/22 We are notified that a 24yr old girl who had the procedure became a kallah B'H'.

182) 29/3/22 Woman who had the following issues: "I have a rash at the top of my legs. The left of my neck and back is bad. I have the rash on my arms. My jaw has been clicking recently. My stomach is itchy too..."

Sends email (before ordering another procedure for a relative)"Yes all my symptoms went away. BH" 

183) 10/4/22 Client orders another procedure for family member. After we ask if there was improvement since last procedure, he emails reply: "Yes to a great extent thank you!"

184) 25/4/22 Email received from client: "Baruch HaShem I am feeling much calmer today and I am grateful for your concern and kindness...."

185) 16/5/22 Email received from client about procedure: "....Shalom bayis worked very well......"

186) 23/5/22  A New client comes to Rav Hool. She tells him; "I'm here for a procedure because you did the procedure for my friend (who was suicidal!) and shortly afterwards I saw a major change in her mental health for the better!......" (she's hoping to be engaged soon iyH...)

187) 25/5/22 Email received: ".....You did some work for my brother bH his parnussah picked up amazing......"

188) 27/6/22 Client calls Rav Hool and says "B'H' It definately helped her (my daughter -in-law), she is much less anxious (since the procedure)....."

189) 22/7/22 Rav Hool receives a message of thanks: "....and please tell him that he has had massive improvement B'H' since the procedure"

190) 06/8/22 Rav Hool meets a client who had a procedure after a devastating financial crisis. He tells Rav Hool: "Put on your website- in the name of an anonymous client- "(the procedure was an) absolute game changer! Boruch Hashem!!

191) 11/8/22 Rav Hool meets client two days after procedure, he tells him: "We had a property we were having great difficulty finding tenants for, since the procedure we have had three offers! Something is definately working here!" Boruch Hashem!

192) 4/9/22 Email received from a woman who received the kamayoh a day beforehand:

"We met Monday. Tuesday evening I was dropping off some women at a bus stop pull out. They got out of the car and then an enormous (18 wheeler?) truck came barreling down the street, swerving, jammed on the breaks with screeching and a black plume of burnt rubber smoke, swerved some more and missed me by a few centimeters, B”H! If he had touched me, it would have been dramatic. If he had hit me, I would have been a pancake. I felt like there was, as if, a force field around me that protected me......"

193) 6/9/22 Email received from client who ordered emergency procedure the day before:

"B'H the issue is not as serious as originally thought-prehaps due to the explosion? Still waiting for some results but no longer urgently. Thanks a lot....."

194) 7/9/22 Email received from client: "Hi R' Doniel B'H there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with parnassah and some aspects of my health are improving. I say Mizmor l'Dovid with each meal and the 10 pesukim each morning......"

195) 14/9/22 Client tells Rav Hool: "Immediately after the procedure my headaches and jaw pain went down significantly and things started moving with the house I'm building...."

196) 7/10/22 Message received from client: "I have noticed beracha in other areas of my life though, BH!"

197) 11/10/22 Rav Hool is told that a boy who was 25 years old and needed a shidduch, B' Hashem became engaged within 3 months of procedure. Mazal Tov!

198) 26/10/22 Email received from client who had multiple problems- physical, emotional and financial: "Hi, B”H the update is good… since RH there has been a turn for the good I’m continuing to say the psukim…"

199) 11/11/22 Client who suffered from double vision was told by doctor his vision would take 6 weeks to return to normal. He relates to Rav Hool that after his procedure- his vision returned to normal after 4 weeks B' Hashem!

  200) 4/01/23) Email received: ".....you may have been instrumental in the wedding….Do you remember that you did oferet for him a few months ago? Yesher coah...."

 201) 9/1/23 Email received from client who's son had a life threatening issue: "...you did the process for my son.......a couple of years back and boruch Hashem he is stable. Be gebenched"

202) 11/1/23 Email sent to client: "Has there been any improvement to report on since your procedure?" Emailed response: "In the area you mentioned yes...."

203) 29/1/23 Client calls back a week after procedure to order kamayoh. Rav Hool asks "Was there any improvement since the procedure?" He replies: "...Very much so!...It's weird..."

204) 06/2/23 Email sent to client: "Hi- when did we do a procedure for your father and did it help him?" Emailed response: "It was during corona but not for corona and yes bH"

205) 17/2/23 Rav Hool meets client who had procedure a few weeks prior. She tells him "B'H' there was a big improvement right after the procedure".

206) 17/2/23 Client who was suffering greatly from tooth infection tells Rav Hool on the phone "B'H' everything went smoothly (after the procedure)".

207) 19/2/23 A Dayan who requested the procedure for someone last week reports to Rav Hool "There WAS an improvement since the procedure"

208)  27/3/23 Email received within 16 hours after procedure:

          "Hello R' Doniel, BH since this morning my wife is able to stand and walk without crutches. She still doesn't walk completely normal and she's still weak, but definitely a big improvement BH.

Thank you very much.

                              Kol tuv."

209) 24/4/23 Email received: "B"H, when last time you did procedure, great results...."

210) 24/4/23 Rav Hool is told on phone "I think there is a LOT of improvement with my daughters headaches (since doing the procedure).....


211) 16/5/23 Rav Hool receives call from client who did procedure for zs'k, and is told B'H they had success 'immediately after the procedure'

212) 17/5/23 Email received; "...

I've been saying the pesukim daily and the anxiety abated...."

213) 25/5/23 Email received from client 12 days after procedure: He had requested procedure stating: "I need a Yeshua in parnossa, I have multiple businesses and many of them are really tight right now with cash flow." He sends email 12 days later: "Hi! B"H things are really doing better blin ayin hora! Thank you so much!